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Five Ways To Get Extra Spending Money For Your Next Holiday

We are getting married in New York in less than three months. We will be spending one whole week there and celebrating Matthew’s 40th birthday during that time too and with our holiday falling over 4th July we are sure in for some good times. Of course, this means it is going to be an expensive time too.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? paid for the holiday of a lifetime and then spend the time until the holiday arrives saving up only to then have to spend our saved up spending money on an emergency of some kind. We are lucky that we have managed to set aside a little money for spending already but we are busy saving more so we don’t have to worry about what we are spending whilst we are away but it hasn’t been easy as life has thrown a few curveballs our way recently.

If you have a holiday coming up and you’re trying to get some extra spending money you could try some of the following ways:


Saving for a rainy day is a very sensible option if your circumstances allow it. You never know when they might come in handy. So, if you are sitting on a pile of cash now is the time to use it to ensure that you have an amazing holiday.

Work Extra Hours

It’s always worth asking your employer if you can pick up a few extra hours a week to give yourself a bit extra in your money pay packet. Should they say that this isn’t possible you could maybe work a second job for a little while. If you are self-employed and finding that you have spare hours in the day you could always advertise your business or perhaps pick up a part-time job to enable you to save some extra money.

Sell unwanted items

This goes without saying but if you have unwanted items lying around now would be a good time to get rid. This time of year you will find car boot sales opening, these are a great place to sell unwanted clothes, toys, CDs and DVDs. You could sell bigger / more expensive items online via eBay. If you are due a phone upgrade using a comparison site before renewing your contract could save you a lot of money in the long run similarly if you have a phone to sell once you get your new one look around for the best trade-in price. My phone contract is due for an upgrade in June and I will be looking to see who will give me the best value for money before I part with it – it will give our spending money a little boost just in time for us going to New York.

A loan or credit card

There is nothing more frustrating but unfortunately, sometimes real life has a habit of getting in the way of all the fun and it just can’t be helped. Sometimes we need a quick fix to get ourselves out of a hole until payday arrives. If you find yourself in this kind of predicament and in need of a loan Cashlady.com might be a good place to look. They can offer you a quick fix to your problems with an application that can be completed in under two minutes. If you do take out a loan ensure that you can afford the extra payments.

Sometimes it is better to do all or most of your holiday spending on a credit card then pay it off when you return home. Ensure you have the funds available to do this so you don’t accrue interest or get yourself into long term debt. Another way would be to put a large portion of your spending money onto a prepayment card that way you can only spend what you have on the card.

Borrow from family

Borrowing from family isn’t the most ideal situation but if you end up in the position where you have nowhere else to turn they would be happy to help out. Ensure you set up a payment plan and stick to it, the last thing you want is to fall out with a family member over money especially when they have been so kind in the first place.

*This is a collaborative post*

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