A Little Wedding Update

So as you know by now and if you don’t you soon will – we are getting married in New York in July. I am so excited but it is still so far away.

We have 100% decided on the venue, we are going with my brother in law, his partner and 2 friends. I’m not sure what the plans are for the day other than saying “I Do” but I’m sure we will have fun whatever we do.

I think we are all but set for a relatively non fussy meal when we come home with our nearest and dearest. I’ve never been one for being the centre of attention and really don’t fancy a massive party so maybe a sit down meal with the family and then a barbecue in the garden for our close friends who want to wish us luck to the future.

I think we have almost everything we need for our big day now except flowers, hair accessories and our wedding license but we cant apply for that until mid June as it only has a 21 day validity. I will be writing a whole post on the process of getting married in New York when we come home as I think it will be an eye opener to some. Although an easy and relatively quick process it can be quite confusing and there are a few things that I didn’t even know about or consider until we have got to the nitty gritty parts.

I don’t know about you but I think this year is going so slowly but I know this is only because I want July to hurry up and arrive – sorry to anyone who wants time to move slower. But until then I do have a few things to keep me busy. We are going to see Mark Knopfler in May and in June we go to see P!nk who I honestly can’t wait to see as it’s been on my wishlist forever. In fact we see her just a few days before we jet off to America.

For now there is no more to report but I will keep you updated with all our exciting news soon.

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