Five Top Destinations to Get Married Abroad

The UK has loads of amazing wedding venues. However, for some people, the lure of getting married abroad is impossible to ignore. The big question is – where is the best place to do it?

Before you get started…

Ask yourself the following:
  • What sort of wedding? Do you want a private beach wedding or a huge, glitzy affair with all your friends and family?
  • How will people get there? And who will you be inviting? Can they afford to attend (it’s important to keep this in mind, to avoid upsetting anyone)?
  • What sort of weather? Steaming hot or snow-peaked mountains?
  • What’s your budget? Some locations are a lot more reasonably priced than others.
Some amazing wedding destinations
  • North America – Most people, when they think of North American weddings, immediately think of Las Vegas. However, there are plenty of other great places to get hitched in the USA. New Orleans has got a serious atmosphere. New York has a funky, urban edge. Florida has the beaches (and the theme parks). In short, pretty much every taste is catered for here.
  • Africa – Africa is swiftly becoming a popular wedding destination, and with its spectacular scenery, it’s hardly surprising. Safari weddings are proving to be a big hit; after all, what could be better than having your photograph taken with a pair of giraffes wandering past? Cape Town is another great location for getting married, or if you’re looking for a beach paradise, check out Zanzibar.
  • Italy – Italy is the ultimate romantic getaway, which makes it ideal for weddings. Rome, Florence and Venice have beautiful historic streets and stunning villa-venues. The lakes (such as Como, Garda and Maggiore) provide picture-perfect backdrops. And the Amalfi Coast is incredibly atmospheric, with its scent of lemon in the air. (Make sure you pack some Neroli Portofino perfume, which captures this smell to perfection!).
  • Spain – Spain is likely to be well-received by your guests, as it’s easy (and relatively cheap) to get there. It’s also got plenty of stunning wedding locations. Cities like Madrid and Barcelona pack a serious punch when it comes to ambience, or alternatively, head to the coast for a traditional beach wedding. In fact, waterfront weddings, in general, are usually gorgeous; there’s something undeniably magical about saying ‘I do’ against a water backdrop.
  • South-east Asia -Looking for the most jaw-dropping coastal surroundings for your wedding? Then head to south-east Asia. Thailand’s islands (like Koh Tao and Koh Phi Phi) are famous for their idyllic white-sanded beaches, and they’re also perfect for couples that want to scuba-dive afterwards. Alternatively, Vietnam and Cambodia also have amazing beaches; not to mention fascinating cultural sites.
  • Ireland – If you’re looking to get married a little closer to home, Ireland is a great option. The Emerald Isle has plenty of lush green landscapes, and some spectacular historic castles – ideal if you’re looking for a grand venue! The cities are also full of charisma and personality; especially Dublin, which is perfect for lovers of literature and music.

*This is a collaborative post*

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