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Top 5 Tips For Staying Healthy Whilst Travelling – A Checklist For Travelers

*This Post is written in collaboration with Health Labs*

It’s no secret that Matthew and I want to start travelling more in the next few years. I have already mentioned that we want to buy a campervan so that we can see everything that Europe has to offer and if you’re a regular reader you will know that we plan to get married in New York in the very near future. But I’d be lying if I said that with all our travelling that I wouldn’t be worried about us keeping healthy on our trips.

Here are a few things we will be ensuring we do to help keep us fit and healthy if you’re planning a trip soon you might want to check them off your list too.

Before you go away

Vaccinations – Depending on where you are going to travel you may need to visit your GP and have some vaccinations. These need to be done weeks in advance of travelling so don’t leave it until the last minute.

DVT – If you are going to spend a lot of your time travelling make sure that you take precautions to avoid DVT (deep vein thrombosis) especially if you are flying long haul. Blood clots are a big issue in my family and something that has affected a number of my family members. My mum has had two DVT’s, two of my uncles have also had them, my grandad suffered from strokes in later life and my great auntie was on blood thinner pretty much all of her life. Before I go to America and most definitely before I start travelling around Europe I plan to have my blood tested to make sure I don’t have a blood disorder. With the high number of family members who have suffered from blood clots, I think this would be a sensible precaution to take.

If you’re travelling and worried about DVT’s see your GP in good time before you travel, they may suggest that you wear flight socks, they will even give you some other tips on preventing a DVT from occurring. You should wear loose comfortable clothing and also try to move around often but if you are unable to do so roll your ankles and flex your feet often to keep blood circulating, keep hydrated and don’t drink alcohol.

If you’re concerned about any health issues and would like testing, Health Labs offers lots of testing for different ailments including fertility, cardiac problems, blood disorders and diabetes plus many more.

Medication – If you take medication on a regular basis make sure you have enough with you for the duration of your trip – you may need to get a prescription made up so don’t leave this until the last minute. Also it is worth checking the rules for all the countries you’re going to, including the countries that you’ll just pass through as different countries have different rules and regulations for medicines they allow to be brought into the country and the maximum quantity you can take in – Some medicines that are available over the counter here in the UK may be controlled in other countries.

Don’t forget if you are travelling to a country where there is a possibility you could contract malaria you must see your GP before you leave and get the right medication.

Whilst you are away

Food and Drink – Make sure you don’t drink the water whilst away. This is bound to give you a case of travellers tummy, it’s also a good idea to avoid ice in drinks and eating from buffets if you suspect the food has been sat for a while. Ice creams from unknown sources is also a big no-no as you don’t know how the ingredients have been prepared. I usually avoid rice, shellfish, fish and quite often chicken when out and about and these are the things I would definitely avoid in an unknown place or country.

Insurance – I’ve mentioned the importance of travel insurance time and time again in past posts. Insurance is very important as you never know what might happen whilst you are away. Having medical insurance is also very important – if you are taken ill or injure yourself whilst away there is a real danger that you could end up stranded and unable to pay medical bills if you aren’t covered.

When you get home

If you feel unwell once you arrive back home visit your GP and tell them that you have away. It may be nothing serious but if you have visited a tropical climate you may have brought something more serious home. Chances are it is nothing to be worried about but you are best to get checked out if unsure even if just to put your mind at rest.

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