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Who Said Winter Picnics Had To Mean Soggy Sandwiches And Rain In Your Raisins?

Garden space is essential when you have kids in the house. Outside, your little ones can learn valuable lessons, as well as getting a bit of exercise. And, the chances are that you enjoy spending time outside with them, too. Playing football against your toddler may be your one chance at winning. To top it all, you get to unroll a blanket and enjoy family picnics on the lawn.

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But, the summer is fading fast, and we’re already seeing colder temperatures. As such, you wouldn’t be the only one getting your garden ready for winter, and packing away all those kiddies toys. But, what if we were to tell you that you could get away with keeping that picnic blanket out all year around? Eating outside is a fantastic experience for everyone, after all. Why limit that to the summer months?

There are, obviously, some quite blatant reasons why. Lucky for you, we’ve got a solution to tackle any argument you could bring against winter picnics. So, rather than shutting your garden shop, consider keeping it open with these ideas.

Find ways to stay dry

No one likes a soggy sandwich. But, this issue has a straightforward solution. You just need to consider ways to keep dry. Most us are pretty used to that in this country. Of course, you can’t eat and hold an umbrella at the same time. But, installing a patio cover would be a fantastic way to stay dry in the worst downpours. Equally, a sturdy gazebo could do the trick. Get this right, and you’ll be picnicking through thunderstorms in no time.

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Keep it off the grass

Grass gets pretty nasty during winter. Continual rain means that even a few footprints can mulch your lawn into a muddy mess. As such, unrolling that picnic blanket on the grass won’t do much good. Instead, then, consider a garden area which stays sturdy even in the rain. There are many options here, including patio stones and composite decking. Consider which would best compliment your garden, and don’t hesitate to install it while you still have time.

Consider keeping warm

There won’t be any enjoyment in this picnic escapade if you’re all shivering through your sandwiches. So, make sure you also consider how to keep warm. Something as simple as a patio heater could serve you well here. There are plenty of these on the market, and they have the benefit of being portable to wherever you decide to set up. Before you know, you’ll be cracking out the sunnies and basking in those warm rays.

Whoever decided that picnics were summer-only affairs? As you can see, it’s easy to extend this all year round. You may wonder, of course, why you would want to. But, any mum knows that it’s easy for you and your kids to go stir crazy during winter. Getting outside is essential, even in rubbish weather. And, a picnic area fit for winter is a fantastic way to make sure you do that.

*This is a collaborative post*

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