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What Would Be The Perfect Accommodation in France for a Family of Five

One of the things Matthew and I have both said multiple times is that we want to travel more when the boys are older, but we also want to do the things with them that we never did with our parents. Neither of us had been abroad until we were grown up and we feel this is something that the boys won’t miss out on. 

We are hoping to travel to different places in Europe, one of the first places on our travel list is France. Matthew has always wanted to go fishing there so whilst both him and James are wetting their lines the rest of us will be off exploring the local area. The great thing about travelling to France is that it’s easily driveable from the UK and can be reached within a few hours (depending on your starting destination).

I love that there are so many different regions in France and each one has something totally different to offer. I’d love to visit a vineyard (even though I don’t like wine very much), walk along the river Seine in Paris and get to taste some of the amazing foods that France has to offer. Depending on the region, town or location we decided to visit would depend on the type of accommodation we would look to stay in.

I love that there are so many different types of accommodation available and something to suit all budgets. When we go to France here are some of the places we will be looking at staying. Who knows maybe we’ll like the place that much, we’ll get to do them all.

A campervan– In the future, we are hoping to own a campervan of our own so that we can travel as much as we like. But in the meantime, we would consider hiring a campervan and travel around France and most definitely further afield. There are plenty of companies that provide hire and can help you with all of your needs. They are relatively cheap to hire and you can even get European cover and deals to ensure you get the most from your rental vehicle.

A villa – If we were planning a holiday that would last for a week or two, a villa in France would be the perfect base. Everyone would have their own space to relax. I’d certainly be looking to hire a villa that had a pool so that I’d be able to read my books in the privacy of a private garden. A villa would be great if you enjoy a self-catering holiday or if you like to come and go whilst you are away. You’re not planning on a set itinerary having the freedom to go where you please can be such fun whilst on holiday. It allows you to explore things at your own leisure and who knows what treasures you may stumble upon.

A tent – Gone are the years of having to build your own tent when you arrived at your chosen site. You can book a large family tent on numerous sites throughout France so all you have to decide is where in France you want to stay. We used to love camping in the Lake District and Scotland when we were younger and it is definitely something I’m keen to share with my boys – but if I can take away the stress and hard work that erecting a tent causes then I’m all for it.

A hotel – I would love to take the boys to Disneyland in Paris. Whilst there we would definitely stay in one of the themed Disney hotels as I think that it adds to the magic of the whole experience. If we visit Paris it would be lovely to stay in a hotel close to all the attractions so that we can get a real feel for the place.

Have you visited France? or plan to in the future, if so where would you recommend visiting and/or staying?


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