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How Hard Is It To Work Remotely

Remote working is a great way for mothers to stay close to their kids and at the same time work. It saves you the time you commute to work, the gas money, the lunch, and coffee money and gives you the flexibility of arranging your own schedule.

Studies show that people who work remotely actually put in more hours of work and are more productive. This is a great way to do your job and enjoy it at the same time. A lot of mothers enjoy the process of having their own schedule and working when it is more convenient for them. But many people don’t fully understand the work from home process and if it is legit, can your boss really trust you to work from home, and are there really companies that allow that.

But remote working is not for everyone. Some people find it very difficult to work in their house environments for many different reasons. Some might find it hard to concentrate and others actually like commuting to work and socializing with people. But there are some key factors that make remote working not perfect for people especially working mothers.

There are some challenges, even in this picture perfect fantasy, that many people don’t realize.

The distractions

The first one is the distractions. We all know that when we’re at home we notice many things that are wrong with the house. You might want to deep-clean your room because you haven’t done that in ages. Later something else might come up. Some unexpected guests might show up. Many things could happen that can mess with your schedule. This pushes your working hours until late at night and there, now you’re up at 1 am finishing up some work.


For many people, their career is one of their priorities. They put a lot of effort into it and want to achieve a lot of things with it. But when you’re working remotely, there is so much you can do in that sense. Remote jobs are usually dead-end ones and they require you complete of a few tasks and that’s it. You can also miss on learning from your colleagues and superiors, which gives you a disadvantage in the job market.


One of the things driving people to get out of the house and to a different environment is the need to be with other people. That is a normal and natural human instinct that drives all of us, no matter the job we do. When you’re at home working, the most contact you have with people sometimes might be when you tell your toddler to not put something in their mouth.

In spite of all of this, people still work remotely and there must be a reason. Some might just have found the ultimate work at home career. Some don’t mind the distractions and actually like working late at night. Some others don’t have a problem with not advancing in their career and want to take things slow at a certain period of their life. And some others don’t enjoy spending time with their colleagues and want to socialize only with people they like. It all depends on the type of job you do and the people around you. So, decide for yourself if working remotely is right for you.

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