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Three Simple Ways To Get The Show Garden Look

Look around any three-bed semi in the UK, and the chances are that you will head to the rear of the house to see an outdoor area consisting of a patch of lawn, a patio and some bedding plants. There is very little imagination, even less ambition and nothing that leaps out at you as aesthetically pleasing. We wouldn’t allow the interior of our homes to look so bland, so why do we find it acceptable to allow our back gardens to become mundane and boring. Instead, why not make your garden an extension of your interior living areas so that you can utilise the square footage come rain or shine. Take a look at these simple steps that you can follow to achieve a show garden look.

Create Zones

The simplest way to help morph your garden from bland to brilliant is to create more zones within your outdoor space. At the very least, you should have an al fresco dining area, a spot of lawn for relaxing and maybe a rockery or a water feature to catch the eye. Adding interesting features means that your outdoor area can be individual and unique.

To add a touch of elegance, consider getting hold of a beautiful terracotta chiminea to provide some much needed outdoor heating to your garden. This simple feature will enable you to enjoy your garden when the sun goes down and the evenings become a little chillier. Rather than worrying about the cold, you could settle in front of an outdoor roaring fire while enjoying the latest bestseller or relaxing underneath the stars.


An outdoor dining space can allow your soirees to take on a whole new level of sophistication. With some decking or an extension of your patio and an awning, you can utilise some outdoor dining furniture and enjoy sampling some gastronomic delights in your own back garden. Forget the plastic furniture and invest in some high quality wood or metal framed chairs. If you are comfortable, warm and enjoying the company of friends, you will be more likely to use your outside space.


Many people make do with the plants that are already in their borders. However, why not invest some time in making your fingers a little greener and planting some shrubs that bring a new scent to your garden and some architectural flowers to bring a touch of creativity to your space. Red roses, lilac dahlias and orange crocuses can break up a sea of green and brown. Plant bulbs for ease, and enjoy perennial foliage blooming every year.

Your garden should be treated as another room of your humble abode. If you have French doors backing onto your garden from your kitchen diner, then use your patio as a bonus dining space. If you love interior design and putting your own stamp onto your pad, then there’s no reason why you can’t also enjoy a spot of exterior design. Use this guide to inspire your foray into outdoor design and achieve the show garden look.

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