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Five Garden Safety Tips For Parents of Young Children

Summer is almost here, which means little ones everywhere get to spend time outside playing. Ensuring that their play area is safe should be very high on your priority list. It is important that no matter how safe you think your garden is little ones should never be left alone as all it takes is just a few seconds for something to go wrong, did you know that over 110,000 children are hurt each year in their gardens? The most common injury results from falling over but many others are from things that could easily be avoided.

If you have little ones and have the following in your garden please make sure they’re safe.

Water and Ponds

Children can drown in as little as 3cm of water. If you have a water area in your garden, ensure that it is covered so that your little ones can’t fall in. You should also ensure relatives who have ponds also take measures to ensure they are safe as everyone knows toddlers are the most inquisitive beings on the planet and if they can escape and find mischief they will. Similarly, if you have swimming pools or paddling pool in your garden in the summer never leave your little ones unattended even when they’re not in the pool. When not in use paddling pools should be emptied and stored away safely.

Play Equipment

There is nothing better than having a garden full of toys for your little ones, swings, slides, scooters and tricycles. You must ensure that any play equipment is built as per the instructions and safely secured – when I was younger I always remember a swing set we had, it wasn’t very sturdy and if all of us were on it at the same time it used to sway and one of the legs used to lift out of the ground. Again little ones should be supervised at all times when using play equipment.


You will need power tools to build most wooden play equipment if you don’t have any and are in need to buy some then look at SGS as they have a huge range of tools that are suitable for any situation. Once you’ve finished with your tools you must make sure that they’re put away safely away from little hands, keep them locked in a garage or shed and high up out of little one’s sight and reach.

Use of Chemicals

Pesticides and weed killers can be toxic to both children and pets. Always read the label when using them and allow the correct amount of time to pass before allowing children and pets on treated areas. Once finished with containers should be disposed of correctly. Any leftover chemicals should be stored away in a place that children can’t get to. Please if you have to put any chemical into a spare bottle NEVER put them in a bottle that your child might mistake for a drink as they could accidentally poison themselves.

Gates and Fences

Kids love to climb that is a fact, ensure all your fences are safe and educate your children to not climb up there in the first place. Damaged fencing should be replaced as quickly as possible so that they don’t pose a risk to little ones. Make sure any gates are locked so that your little ones can’t leave the garden on their own.


*This is a collaborative post*

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