Making the Most of a City Break

When heading to a busy city for a break away from home, you want to be able to enjoy your holiday to the fullest without worrying about crowds and overcrowded attractions. So, make the most of your next getaway, whether you’re going to a tourist hotspot or a capital city and keep this guide in mind.

Plan Well in Advance

Last minute breaks are great but during the peak seasons can turn an opportunity to relax or adventure into a stressful weekend and leave you feeling less refreshed on your return. Plan your holidays in advance and the types of activities you’d like to do or places you’d like to visit. Google has a fantastic tool that gives an estimation of the most popular times for certain locations and popular attractions, allowing you to plan around the crowds and make a day of sightseeing smooth and easy going. This is particularly helpful for travelling with children as there is less concern about being separated or accidentally knocked down in a busy area.

Research Public Transport

Traffic jams can turn a leisurely taxi journey into a long, uncomfortable way to get around. Often in cities, public transport like trams and buses have dedicated travel routes and are able to nip past pesky traffic hold-ups so research well into your intended destination’s available public transport and the average cost of getting around. In most cities, public transport is readily available all throughout the day and into the evening. Locals will have the best knowledge on what transport to use and the approximate cost so check around some forums and message boards for advice. You might also be able to purchase a city pass for your time away, allowing you to hop on and off public transport in the area without worrying about having change available.

a busy city center with people rushing around

Look for Events Ahead of Time

You might find information on current events while you are planning your holiday or break away but make sure to check dedicated events listings for activities taking place in the city that could make things busier. There may also be an exciting event you and your family would like to attend, and this will allow you to buy tickets in advance and plan your day’s excursion ahead of time. In many popular cities, there are plenty of events services available that can handle booking your tickets and potentially get you better value on an increased tier, for example, VIP entry or private boxes. A good example is the Goldbrooke Group, a dedicated concierge service with facilities available to book tickets for attending events in London, UK.

Travel Informed

Before travelling to any city or a new destination, research the local customs and problem areas, you want to ensure you don’t stand out as a naïve tourist when travelling to busy locations with issues of pick-pocketing and bag thefts so not to make yourself an easy target. By travelling informed you can ensure any journeys you take go through safe, traveller-friendly areas and you can avoid paying more than you need to in shops, restaurants and bars.

Keep Things Close

With the number of people travelling through cities, it can almost become overwhelming if you aren’t used to it. With the number of people around, pickpocketing can be rife and accidents can still

happen when you get bumped into. Anything you carry around with you, make sure it’s kept in deep pockets or strapped up securely in a bag away from prying hands. If you are travelling with a backpack, close your bag tightly with zips towards the bottom, it is harder to open a bag when the zips have to be pulled up without making the wearer aware.

City breaks can be amazing holidays full of exciting sights to visit and cultural activities to appreciate so plan ahead and enjoy the opportunities a city holiday can offer!

*This is a collaborative post*

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