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Benefits of Growing Your Own Fruit and Vegetables

Last year I wrote about our hopes of getting an allotment so that we can grow our own fruit and vegetables. We are still on the waiting list but hoping that this year will be our last year of waiting. Until we get our allotment we are planning to grow our own in the garden and if successful we may just stick to growing at home rather than in an allotment.

Here are some of the reasons why we want to grow our own fruit and vegetables…

Something we can do as a family

I think this is the most important reason for me personally. As the boys are growing they are wanting to spend less time with us. I would try to get them to do at least half an hours gardening a week with us so that we were all responsible for the food that we grow. It would be something everyone could take pride in.

Cheaper than buying

You definitely get more value for money when it comes to growing your own fruit and vegetables. Yes, it may take some time to get your garden ready and to get the perfect growing conditions but once you do there’s no reason why you should ever have to buy any fresh produce from the supermarket again.  A packet of seeds and certainly fruit trees/bushes or plants will give you much more produce than spending the same amount of money in the supermarket. 

As easy as you make it

You can grow as many or as few fruits and vegetables as you like. If you are new to gardening research what things grow easily and without little help. The more you get to know the more you can experiment and grow different vegetables.

Crops all year round

By doing some research and knowing your garden well you will be able to keep it fully stocked all year round ensuring you have enough fruit and vegetables to last you. Look which vegetables grow at the best time of year to make it easier for yourself. You might even consider growing fruit and vegetables in a greenhouse or poly tunnels meaning that you will be able to grow things that need a little more heat, extra care or different climate to grow well. If you’re thinking of buying a greenhouse or poly tunnels or even some planters for your garden take a look at Two Wests who have everything you need to get started.

You know what you’re eating

As you’re the one doing the growing you know exactly what is in the ground. You can tend to them without using harmful pesticides and can dig them up / pick them when they are ready. As you are eating them fresh they will last much longer than shop bought items and they will be much better for you too. Also, think of how much less plastic you will be using compared to buying prepacked items from the supermarket.

Do you grow your own vegetables? If not are you planning to start?

*This is a collaborative post*

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