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Five Ways to Create A Relaxing Environment

Everyone needs a little time to themselves every now and then. In our house, this is can be hard as we have no spare rooms. But when the boys are in bed and Matthew is at work or fishing for the night I love nothing better than watching a movie or reading a book with a cup of tea and a bar of chocolate or tub of ice cream. It is my idea of heaven if I’m honest. I just wish I had the chance to do it more.

If you’re trying to relax at home here are a few things you could consider to make your time more enjoyable.

A Quite Space – My bedroom is my quiet space but you could make any room in your home yours. If you have a spare room or nook why not turn it into your special area. If I had a spare room I would make it into an office / my places so that I had somewhere to go to relax and read my books in peace.

Lighting – You could add a dimmer switch to the light in your room, a lamp or even a candle or two to make the mood feel warm and cosy. If you don’t like real candles you could always use LED ones instead, they look just as good as the real thing.

Essential Oils – Essential oils are used in aromatherapy which cannot only ease stress and boost energy but can also reduce anxiety. A simple aromatherapy diffuser in your home or space could really improve your mood and leave a gorgeous scent throughout your home.

Comfort – Add cushions or a throw to your space to make it cosy. If it’s a little chilly on a night and you don’t want to put the heating on a throw will be the perfect cover.

The Things You Love – I’ve already mentioned that for me this is books, chocolate and tea. When I get time to myself I love to read. At the minute I am reading The Rise and Fall of Beck Sharp. This book is a modern twist on Vanity Fair and so far I’m loving it. I’ve never ready Vanity Fair but I’m loving the TV adaptation that is currently showing on ITV1. I don’t know which book I’ll read next (my reading pile is so out of control) but I am looking forward to settling down over the coming months with the massive pile of festive reads that are waiting patiently on my Kindle. Along with romantic comedies and chick lit novels they are my favourite types of books.


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