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Boho Style For A Wedding Guest

As the year starts to fly by we are getting ever closer to our wedding. Nothing is booked but as we’re still planning to elope all is good in the scheme of things. However potential guests have started to ask us about what they will / won’t be needed for. One of those guests is my nana, she has travelled the world round so I wouldn’t be surprised if she decides to join us for our wedding day and then go off travelling elsewhere. If not she will definitely be at the reception we are going to hold once we are home. My nana can only be described as eccentric and I love her dearly for it. She has seen more places than I have had hot dinners and her fashion sense (she has none at all by the way) can only be described as vibrant at best.

Although I won’t get a say in what she wears I do have a few pointers for her which I will be sharing with her so that she feels both comfy and fits in with the rest of the family for the photographs.

A Dress – I’ve only ever seen my nana wear anything but long flowing skirts except for on her wedding day. She wore a beautiful navy lacy flowing dress – It was beautiful. I would ask her to wear something similar again. There are some beautiful boho style dresses around at the minute and she has the perfect figure and height to wear a maxi style dress even for a formal function. She would definitely wear something that could be worn more than once as my nana is very resourceful and hates things going to waste.

Shoes – To be fair my nana’s footwear collection is pretty good on the whole. She never wears heels but loves her ballet pumps and sandals. I think she would opt for a pair of silver or gold flat sandals for the big day.

Accessories – Here is where my nana would struggle as she doesn’t really own anything that would finish her outfit off perfectly.

  • Hair and Makeup – If you saw my nana you would say she makes little effort with her appearance although she is one of those women who is a natural beauty and looks amazing for her age. She wears her long hair up in a clip, a little makeup but has always painted her nails. I would love to see my nana wear her hair long with a subtle fascinator pinned in place.
  • Jewellery –  She hasn’t been one to wear lots of jewellery in the past but I would love to see her wear a little more from time to time. I would suggest she wore a cameo. Brooches are coming back into fashion and would be the perfect accessory for someone like my nana. If you’re looking for a brooch to wear for a special occasion such as a wedding Austrailian brand Boho have lots of beautiful designs to choose from.
  • Bag – My nana has a beautiful handbag that she takes everywhere with her, it is woven and has little pieces of mirror sewn into the detail. I think this would be the perfect addition to her outfit.

Do you have any tips I could pass on to my nana?

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