The Ultimate Guide to Sailing Morocco’s Atlantic Coast

Its beaches, views and rich history attract numbers of avid sailors to Morocco’s west coast every year. And as if its beauty and culture weren’t enough, it also boasts some of the best cuisine on the planet. So, if you aim to sail its Atlantic waves, who could blame you?

To enjoy your North African trip by sea to the full, why not follow our top tips?

Preparing your yacht or boat

Before you do anything else, it’d be wise to fully prepare your yacht or boat. After all, this will be your temporary home – it’s only right that it should accommodate all your needs.

To make sure that you’re able to tick off everything on your checklist, it’s often best to start big and complete the most crucial tasks first.

And is there anything more worthwhile when planning a trip than finding the right insurance deal? For a holiday on the water, boat and travel insurance are equally important – so it’s critical to secure both.

While the latter typically deals with issues like journey cancellations and lost luggage, a reliable marine insurer will cover repair costs incurred by any kind of damage as well as other vital forms of compensation.

Having sorted out your insurance, you’ll need to address other key areas like food and toiletries. To guarantee that your kitchen and toilet facilities function fully throughout your holiday, you may want to have your vessel checked out by a specialist well in advance of it.

Visit the relevant expert to make sure that you’re not faced with any unwanted surprises during your Moroccan coast adventure.

Planning your sailing route

So, you’ve prepared your boat or yacht – now it’s time for the fun part: organising your sailing route.

Do you want to enjoy a classic tour of Morocco’s west coast, sailing from north to south? Or do you seek a more unique adventure? Perhaps you’d like to start at the Iberian headland of Gibraltar, before working your way through the North African gem?

That way, you’ll be able to spread your trip across two different countries, absorbing both European and Arabic culture. If you decide to travel from Gibraltar, it’s vital to check weather conditions from a reputable source before setting sail.

Additionally, if you’re new to sailing lengthy distances, you could benefit from undergoing professional training. The RYA (Royal Yachting Association) offers a range of programmes for both professional and leisure boaters.

Even if you’re a seasoned long-distance sailor, a relevant course may help you to feel more self-assured when you come to navigate those Atlantic waves.

The more confident you feel in your sailing abilities, the more choice you’re likely to have in choosing routes for your Moroccan Atlantic coast adventure.

Making the most of Morocco

As much as you may love sailing, that’s only one aspect of your holiday. You’ll no doubt want to make the most of Morocco’s coastal charms at each stop in your journey – research its Western coast before you visit, and you can.

Identify where you want to go ahead of your holiday, and you’ll then be able to work out the easiest way to get there from the docking port.

Likewise, you could find out when key tourist sites are less likely to be busy, and as a result, may be able to avoid queues and heavy crowds once you arrive.

You could also pinpoint the most affordable – as well as most authentic – eateries in the different areas that you’ll be visiting. If you do, you won’t have to fret over finding a place to dine; you can just bask in the warm west coast breeze.

Plan your journey before you leave, and you could enjoy all that this North African coastline has to offer.

Whether you want to sip mint tea in Essaouira or explore the homely village of Oualidia, you’re bound to fall in love with Morocco. Follow our tips, and you’ll be able to fully experience its magic.

*This is a collaborative post*

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