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Top Holiday Destination Choices for Every Family Member

Family holidays are packed with fun and are sure to create magical memories that will last a lifetime. Struggling to think of the perfect destination this year? Here is some holiday inspiration to get those cogs turning.


Iceland, a Nordic isle country, is renowned for its extraordinary landscape, shrouded in volcanoes, hot-springs and lava pitches. Gigantic glaciers are sheltered in Vatnajökull and Snæfellsjökull state preservation centres. For a family, starting your tour in the capital city of Reykjavik, exploring the National and Saga museums, while understanding Iceland’s ancient Viking roots, is a great idea.

Once the history of the place has been appreciated, flying a helicopter over the city’s prehistoric volcanic craters and mighty mountains is a great way to get the family excited; there are a lot of helicopter tours in the capital. Experiencing the sparkling highlands, glaciers and lava pitches is a great way to spend the evening. For families that are preparing to visit Iceland during the wintertime, catching a view of the Northern Lights is a must.

Going away to Cuba as a family

The Caribbean wonderland of Cuba is not only celebrated for its famous capital Havana, but there are also several exceptional diving sites such as the glorious Cuban reef along, the well-known Bay of Pigs and the Jardines de la Reina. All of these sites have been incredibly well-preserved, making Cuba one of the best places for a family to go for an unforgettable getaway. Overall, the landmass of Cuba grants visiting families the picture-perfect blend of amazing coral reefs, exquisite cuisine, an exciting lifestyle and fantastic weather.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is full of amusing and surprising delights, making it the ideal place for a family vacation. It has something for people of all ages as it boasts rich culture, history, architecture and food. For instance, the city is riddled with ancient architectural structures located right next to ultra-modern office buildings. Families can have their lunch at a local restaurant enjoying authentic and traditional Dutch delicacies, while dining in hip coffee shops in the evening. The delightful canals of the city which gave the city the title of “the Venice of Northern Europe” are a must visit as well.

Valletta, Malta

Valletta in Malta is ideal for family trips as it offers the unique combination of judiciously priced hotels and extraordinary sight-seeing sites. The 16th-century high baroque basilica of Saint John’s and the celebrated megalithic shrines of Malta are worth a visit.

Going to Puglia, Italy

The southern portion of Italy, often referred to as the country’s “boot,” is called Puglia. Puglia is celebrated for its decorated hill townships, age-old farmland and an extensive stretch of exquisite Mediterranean shoreline. Capital Bari is a lively seaport and Lecce is acknowledged as “Florence of Southern Italy” for its ancient baroque style of architecture. It is ideal for a quick family getaway as not only is there a huge array of beautiful villas to pick from in a variety of sizes, but there is a lot to explore, learn and experience in Puglia.

I have only touched upon a small handful of the amazing locations across the globe that are perfect for a family break; use these locations as inspiration for planning your next family holiday.

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