My Autumn Wardrobe Must Haves

It will soon be Autumn which means darker nights, cooler days and a change in my wardrobe. The summer tops, skirts and shorts will be banished until the spring and it will be all about comfy jeans and jumpers.

I wasn’t planning on buying anything new for my wardrobe this year but since I have lost weight this year (wedding preparation does that to a girl) nothing fits anymore so its a case of needs must. Items I will be buying include:


I bought new boots last year and unfortunately, they didn’t last past the winter. So this year I will be looking for new boots. I’m thinking a pair of short boots for the warmer autumn days and then a pair of calf or knee-length boots for the colder autumn days as those days turn into winter all too quickly. I had a pair of Ugg Boots that lasted me a long time so I will definitely be considering buying another pair before the winter arrives so that I get the most of out them before the weather turns horrible, wet and cold. I love that they are comfy, warm and can be treated so that they won’t ruin in the rain.


Jeans are an absolute must for me any time of year but especially autumn. As most of my days are spent on the school run, shopping or working, skinny jeans and jeggings are a wardrobe staple for me. They look great with long or short boots or heels and flats if you want to dress them up a little.

A Jacket

As the weather turns cooler a jacket is a must-have item of clothing for me. There is nothing worse than being on the school run and getting wet so I always have a light jacket with me. If the weather turns colder and wetter sooner than expected I may even just buy a new coat that will see me through until the spring.

Chunky Knitwear

Once the dark evenings are here I love nothing better than to get comfy on the sofa with a hot chocolate and my book or favourite box set on the tv. Autumn and winter are definitely the months where I spend most of my time wrapped up. I must admit that I own a fair few chunky cardigans and jumpers but then again they are definitely the comfiest things I own. They are perfect for walks with the dogs, for the days when it’s too warm for a jacket and they look great with my jeans and boots.

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