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Tips On Picking Out A Wedding Dress

Every wedding dress is unique, and whether you hire a dress or buy it, it needs to be right for you. Seeking perfection is something that doesn’t exist, but you can certainly come close to it with these tips. Here’s how to pick out a wedding dress. 

Research Designers

Firstly, the designer you pick out is important because every one of them is quite different. We all have our favourite high-street stores or clothes shop, and that’s certainly the same when it comes to wedding dress designers. They’ll all have different styles and price ranges. With each season, they’ll release new options so it’s important that it isn’t just the one dress from a certain collection that you love. You ideally want a few designers noted down and then when it comes to finding those designers and where they stock, it’s worth finding stockists that have as many of your selections as possible. This helps reduce the amount of wedding dress shops you go in over the course of your search, and that saves you and your bridal party time. 

If you need some inspiration on picking out a designer, try looking at bridal websites. This wedding dress inspiration lookbook is handy and you could also do a tag search of wedding dresses on social media. There’s plenty that can be found on sites like Pinterest and Instagram. 

Go In With An Idea But Stay Open-Minded

When it comes to actually visiting bridal dress shops, you want to have some idea as to what you’re after. There’s a wide array of colours, styles, materials and shapes available to pick from and it can be quite overwhelming if you have no clue as to what you want. It’s also useful for the fitting assistant to know what it is you are after so that they can work with you if they have an idea of what you want. At the same time though, it’s good to have an open mind when going shopping and that you may not find your dream dress first time around. It’s different for every bride so don’t get disheartened if you’re having trouble finding the one. Every bridal shop is also different, and you may get a certain vibe in one that is more encouraging than the other. Trust your gut and know that if they’re not treating you a certain way, then they are not worth you spending your hard-earned cash on.

Remember Comfort Is Key

It’s important to remember that you’ll be wearing your wedding dress for the whole day. Therefore you need to be comfortable when wearing it because it’s not like a pair of heels that you can just take off in the middle of the evening. It’s worth thinking about a second dress which is very much common in most weddings. The second dress is something that is usually lighter and more suited for dancing the night away. However, if the budget only stretches for the one dress, then it’s a good idea to trial some movements in the dress when trying it on. It sounds funny but do a bit of dancing, practice walking around in it, sitting down and standing up. Ensure that at each fitting, you are being completely honest with the fitter and if it doesn’t feel right, flag it up. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to feel uncomfortable.

Pick Out Some Accessories 

And lastly, it’s crucial not to forget your accessories when it comes to styling your wedding dress. Always make sure you get the dress before buying the accessories. This is because you may opt for something in the dress that you didn’t anticipate and you don’t want to be carelessly wasting your money! If you’re going down a traditional route, then something borrowed, something old, something new and something blue can all be factored into the accessories. Maybe it’s a piece of jewellery that’s been handed down or a special trinket that can be incorporated into the overall look. Think about the type of shoes you’ll feel comfortable in as these are something that you’ll walk down the aisle in and will be in for a long time. You can always get an alternative pair of shoes for the evening should you need to rest any sore feet.

The wedding dress hunt is something that’s really exciting to do whether it’s just yourself or with a group of close family members and friends. So do your research, know what you want and fully invest yourself in the moment. Enjoy it because you’ll hopefully only do it once!

*This is a collaborative post*

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