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Class for Your Intimate Outdoor Wedding

Austin, Texas, provides the rolling green hills of the Texas Hill Country, while also having the country class of elite Texas estates. If you are looking for a destination wedding in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas, this is the most wonderful place to become a new bride and groom.

Avery Ranch Golf Club and Our 2 Settings

If you are looking for golf course wedding venues near me, then this is the place for you in Austin. Avery Ranch Golf Club has spectacular scenery with full 360-degree views, stunning weather all year round for both outdoor and indoor weddings, and a peaceful, upper-end environment of prestige and class for your entertaining pleasure.

First Setting: Sunset Club House

The Sunset Club House holds up to 60 guests for a nice, quiet, intimate reception with your specially chosen loved ones. The large picture windows overlooking both our infinity pool and the sparkling waters of Brushy Creek shows the green and golden splendour of high-end Austin, Texas, at its best.

You can have a more intimate wedding at the Sunset Club House with just a few invited family and friends, and have a much larger reception in the Lakeview Event Center or you can plan a large wedding at the Lakeview Event Center, inviting everyone you want to celebrate with you, but saving a more intimate reception for the Sunset Club House. Either option would be unique and special for your beautiful day.

Second Setting: Lakeview Event Center

The Lakeview Event Center has a much larger capacity, maxing out at a 200 guest capacity, and it also overlooks sparkling Brush Creek and our stunning infinity pool. It is stunningly furnished with tasteful and artistic furniture and the total space is 4,000 square feet. This is a great place to bring your guests if you live in or near Austin, Texas, and are not having a destination wedding. A golf course venue near you would be the perfect place to bring up to 200 guests and really make a feast and beautiful event out of your special day.

Our Lakeview Event Center is well known for providing class, taste, elegance, and elite, Austin, Texas refinement to all major parties and events. Think of yourself gliding down the centre of our exquisite room and seeing all of your friends and family smiling at you and green and gold Austin scenery shining behind all of them. Think of taking your wedding photos in front of the infinity pool at sunset, with the light draping you and your new husband in loving, golden, shimmering goodness.

Wedding Packages are Available, Too!

To save on the costs for your special day (as well as trying to plan and organize each little detail), we recommend using our wedding packages, even if you are using our facility as a destination wedding or a local showcase wedding. The pristine golf course setting, the perfect sunny, humid weather, and the luxurious colours are perfect to put your day above all others and to create laughing warm, close memories.

Our wedding packages range from $3,200 to $15,000 and all of them include 5 hours of venue rental, a bridal suite where the magic happens, basic linen, and the setting up of tables and chairs. The peace and serenity of the location alone present class, soothing joy, and a feast for the eyes all in one.

Remember to ask us about day-of-the-week booking, because the rates of our wedding packages may change and you will want to take advantage of that. Avery Ranch golf course weddings are the most beautiful weddings in the world, all nestled together deep in the heart of the pristine state of Texas.


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