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How to Keep Kids Entertained at Your Wedding Reception

Weddings can be overwhelming for kids. It can be challenging to keep them well behaved during the entire affair. If you are inviting the little ones to your celebration, make sure to prepare something fun to keep them busy. Keep your young guests occupied and entertained with these fun ideas.

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Set up an activity area

If you are expecting a lot of children on your guest list, it will be worth your while to set up an activity area for the kids. A game room where kids can play Hula-hoops, Nerf balls and other fun games are perfect for an active bunch. If you are having a garden or country club reception, ask the venue if they have equipment on their grounds that kids will enjoy.

For younger kids, an arts and crafts area where they can colour or get a beading lesson is a great idea. This will keep your young guests busy and get a chance to create their own DIY wedding souvenirs.

Play some kid-friendly music

If you are setting up a separate space for kids to hang out in during the reception, consider preparing kid-friendly music. This will keep the kids busy and in good spirits while the grown-ups are having fun.

Talk to your wedding band about preparing a few songs that kids can dance to. This is a great way to start a dance party and encourage reluctant adults who are shy about being the first ones on the dance floor to join the fun. This is why great music and hiring a live band is important. They help children and adults alike relax and have fun at your wedding reception.

Have an edible DIY booth

Design your own cupcake or ice cream bowl, a DIY dessert area, or build your own pancakes, are fun ideas for an edible DIY booth. This will allow them to express their creativity and get treats afterwards. Colorful sprinkles and sweet treats are sure to be popular with your younger guests and not bad for the older ones too.

Hire a bouncy castle

If you are having an outdoor wedding, you have the chance to go big on the entertainment by hiring a bouncy castle. The sight of a big bouncy castle on your reception will surely excite your young guests and amaze the old ones too.

Bouncy castles can keep children entertained for hours so the adults can have some child-free fun. While colourful bouncy castles are fun, some providers offer ones that are more wedding themed and fairytale-like. Make sure to ask before you rent and you might just get one that is perfect for your wedding theme.

Enlist the help of wedding nannies

Many couples, especially those who are expecting a lot of young guests, hire babysitters to keep an eye on the children. They make sure that no one gets hurt during the activities or runs towards the wedding cake.

Your wedding nanny can also be in charge of kid-friendly activities such as arts and crafts, games, make your own desserts. Having a designated child care provider helps you make sure kids are having fun and are well behaved on your wedding day.



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