Here’s To My Mum – The Mother of The Bride

We are eloping when we get married so my parents and Matthew’s parents won’t be with us on our big day. However, my mum still has some important Mother of the Bride duties to carry out in the run-up to us going away.

Her duties include:

Calming me down – Anyone who knows me knows how much of a stress-head I am! I can worry about almost anything. Although flying doesn’t bother me I haven’t been on a plane since 2002 and our flight to New York will be around 7.5 hours. I hate travelling and I absolutely hate queuing so going to one of the busiest cities in the world was probably one of my crazier ideas. But my thinking is that if I can cope there I can cope anywhere in the world – I long to travel much more and hope that this trip will ease my anxiety. My mum is a great listener. This is something that has developed over the last few years as we never used to be close but I am so glad that our relationship has changed and that I am able to speak to her about anything that is concerning me.

Shopping – We have paid for everything for our wedding so neither parents have to pay for anything – much to their relief. But I do like to keep my mum in the loop of the things I’ve bought. She adores my dress and shoes and can’t wait to see what flowers I buy once we arrive in New York.

Planning a party – We decided a little while ago that we won’t be having a big get together when we arrive home. Although this means many of our family and friends won’t get to celebrate with us it’s a huge weight off my mind – I think this is one of the reasons why we decided on a wedding abroad to avoid the massive get together in the first place (my anxiety definitely couldn’t cope with that). My mum, however, has said she would like us to have a meal together or perhaps a barbecue if the weather is nice. She is in charge of a small party for our immediate family – parents, siblings and their children only – although this will be about 40 people as our families really aren’t that small. I think a barbecue would be perfect as it will be informal and there will be no need for speeches, dances or any of the likes – I’m even open to them having it here if she wants as that would be even better for us.

Along with the above, she also has THE most important job in the whole world – looking after the boys for us whilst we are away. She will be in charge of school runs, homework, feeding time and everything else that comes with looking after three boys aged 10, 11 and 14.

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