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Preparing Your Home for Christmas Guests

Christmas is fast approaching and I can’t wait. As I’ve already said we’ve so much planned I’m not sure how we will fit it all in but we are going to try our hardest. This means that I need to be really organised in getting our home ready – especially as it’s my year to host Christmas Dinner for 11 people. 

If you’re in charge of hosting Christmas this year you might be feeling a little overwhelmed and not sure where to start, below are a few things you might be considering.

Have a clear out 

Christmas is the perfect time to get rid of all that junk that you’ve collected throughout the year that you’ve not seen or used since last year. You could sell items on your Facebook selling pages, eBay or on many other online selling sites. If you’re planning to throw items out you could consider donating items to charity if they are in good condition instead of taking them to landfill.  

Move furniture around

Our house isn’t exactly small but we have a lot of people, pets and furniture in it that takes up a lot of space and as we lack storage in every room it can sometimes mean that our home is overcrowded. This is why during the Christmas period we move some of the furniture around in our living room to make room for decorations and our tree. If like us you are short on space you could move items into another room for the festive period or you could get rid of them all together if they’re no longer used.

Update your furniture

 If you are entertaining family this Christmas you may be thinking about where everyone is going to sit. Christmas is the perfect time to upgrade your existing furniture. You might want to consider an expanding dining table if you don’t already have one so that it can be used both when you’re entertaining lots of people and when it’s just you and your family at home. If you’re looking to buy a pine table Furniture Plus Online have lots for you to choose from. 


I don’t know about you but I always like to have my home looking it’s best especially when we are entertaining over the festive period. If any decorating needs doing I always try to make sure that it’s done in plenty of time and before the end of November. However, this year I had the bright idea of wanting the hall, stairs and landing painted and a new carpet fitted before Christmas – last weekend. I’m not sure if we will get them done on time but I will be trying my hardest.

*This is a collaborative post*

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