Our New Year Home and Garden Plans

At the minute all our time and effort is focused on Christmas and New Year but once they have been and gone we will turn our attention to getting our home and garden ready for spring and we have plenty of things that we want to change around our home.

We’ve talked a lot about possibly extending our home in the past but this idea is now on the back burner at least for a while as we are thinking that a move back to the coast might be better for us.  Because of this we aren’t planning on going crazy when it comes to changes in and around our home – just a few things that will maybe appeal to someone else.

The first jobs we have planned for when the weather starts to get better is to replace most of the fencing around our garden as it is all rotten and/or fallen down and to possibly add a decked area for our table and chairs. We will be pricing both of these up in February ready to be replaced in March so that the garden is ready for when spring and summer roll around again. One of the places we will be looking at for fencing and decking is Milfords as they are local to us.

Inside we are planning to have new carpets fitted in the hall, stairs and landing if we can’t squeeze them in before Christmas ( I know, I know I’m leaving it very, very, very late), new doors to all the rooms upstairs and a new flooring in the living room. At the minute we have laminate in the living room and we’re not sure if to get new laminate or if to have a carpet fitted instead.

We are planning to change the boy’s bedrooms around and redecorate them if we have the time as they have outgrown the decor and furniture that they currently have. Depending on if we stay here or move will be the deciding factor on how soon we decide to do this though as it might be best to leave the decorating for it and when we move.

And lastly, although it’s not home related we will also be going to New York to get married in July!!!

What plans do you have for the new year?

*This is a collaborative post*

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