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Five Things Around The Home You Might Want To Check Before Winter Arrives

Can you believe we are in September already? Where on earth has this year gone, it only seems like 2 minutes since we were saying goodbye to the horrid cold dull winter and hello to the gorgeous sunny rays of the summer. Now we are getting ready to brace ourselves against the wet, cold weather again. It’s a little bit depressing, isn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong autumn has lots of pluses – the colour changes are beautiful (I love walking through all the fallen leaves with the boys and dogs), We have bonfire night and Halloween to look forward too and it’s almost my birthday mid-October.

Autumn is also the time of year when we start preparing our home for all the rough that winter could potentially throw our way. We tidy the garden, give the grass it’s last cut for the year and fasten down the trampoline so it doesn’t get blown away. Here are a few things you should consider doing before the weather takes a turn.

The garden

Hiring a gardener all year round can really help keep your outside looking its best. In the spring and summer months, they will tend to your flowerbeds and keep your lawns looking their best. In the lead up to winter, they will ensure your plants are looked after and that your lawns are given their final cuts before the cold settles in. If like us you have garden furniture and a trampoline outside you may want to make sure that they are fastened down safely or stored away until the spring. You may find that autumn is the best time to treat any wooden garden products such as fences or sheds. This will protect them from the rain and mean that they last for many years to come.


Do you have a draft coming from a window in your home? Or a window that’s broken? or perhaps you’ve been saving up and would just like new windows throughout your home. If any of these is the case for you then the best time to replace windows is either in the summer or autumn when temperatures are still quite pleasant and there is less chance of it raining. Most homes can have a full set of windows replaced within a day or two.


We have just started the mammoth task of redecorating our house. We’ve done the kitchen and the bathroom already. The next job on our list is the hallway and then the living room. This is the room I am dreading most as it is the biggest and it contains the most stuff. I’m hoping to replace the flooring in both rooms and then decorate them. I’m unsure if we will be replacing the wallpaper or if we will just give the rooms a lick of paint. Whichever we decide I’d love to get it all done before Christmas. It would make sense to get it done asap so that all our belongings could sit outside whilst it’s being done but if the weather is cold, wet or damp this wouldn’t be possible.

Central heating

You can’t predict when your central heating system may break down but by being prepared, it should at least put you in a place where you are able to get it fixed as quick as possible. Before the winter arrives you should have your boiler serviced. If you are in rented accommodation your landlord is responsible for this. If you own your own home this job needs to be sorted by you. Always hire someone who is a Gas Safe registered engineer.


If you’re planning any building work try to plan it so that it doesn’t take place in the colder months. If we have a really wet or cold winter the building schedule may be postponed and no one wants to live in a building site longer than they need to.

Is there anything you need to get done around the home before winter arrives?

*This is a collaborative post*

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