What Future Do You Dream Of?

Everyone has a future that they dream of, and it’s not usually the most realistic of ones. Everyone should aim high, we’re not suggesting they shouldn’t, but dreaming of winning the lottery and spending your life being waited on by a butler is highly unlikely to happen. But we can all dream, can’t we! So once you’ve stopped dreaming about all of the money in the world, the realistic dreams of your future will start to come through, and you’ll paint a picture of what you really want your life to be like. But do you always act on it? Most likely not. Your future is something that should be precious to you, and only you can be the one that’s changing the path that you’re on at the minute. There are so many aspects to think of as well, so trying to keep it all realistic, and trying to move towards it all, can be pretty hard to do. But considering you only have one life, and you only have one chance to make it exactly how you want it to go. So, we’re going to try and help you realise what it is that you want from your future, and how you can make sure that it turns out perfectly. So grab a drink, sit back and relax, and let’s daydream about your future!

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Something More Stable

If there’s one thing that most of us worry about in life, it’s stability. Stability in life can literally come from so many different parts. You’ve got job stability, family stability, monetary stability, home stability… the list could actually go on and on. And you would be wrong to think that just because you have a home, or a family, or a job, that your life is actually going to be stable. Because if you think about how it is now and how stressed you are with everything, you might actually realise that your life is not as stable as you first thought. So to work on that, you’re going to have to work on finding calm in life, and working on each area one by one, until you feel comfortable and happy with the life that you have. So, let’s think about your job first. Although you might have job stability for life as in your role isn’t going anywhere, are you actually going to be happy with the role that you have, and is it always going to bring you the money you need to live the life that you want? Most likely not. So maybe now is the best time for you to start thinking about how you can get the most out of your career life, and whether going through the stress of a career change now, will be worth it later on.

There are so many flexible jobs that pay super well, and one that we think suits a lot of mums is business management. There’s money to be made in this, but it would require you to work from the ground up. But if you can aspire to get to the top of what you do, and get the maximum amount of money and job satisfaction from your role, then your future is always going to be stable and happy where work is concerned.

Do We Hear Wedding Bells?

We hope so! We know that some people are just not bothered about the whole idea of marriage, and that commitment doesn’t have to be bound by a ring, but there are so many reasons why you should hear wedding bells on the horizon. Even if you’re not bothered about making your relationship official as such, a wedding is such a beautiful day, and there are so many happy memories that are made from them. Even if you’re not bothered about a big wedding, there are still options for you that would see you have the most beautiful day. You could go abroad with just you and your partner, and perhaps a few members of your family and friends, and have the most magical day. There are so many beautiful locations to choose from, and you could capture it all with some of the most amazing photographs. Vittore Buzzi photography is just one company you could contact if you were to go abroad for your wedding to a beautiful destination such as Italy. If you really are wanting to get married, then going abroad is definitely the way forward. It’s cheaper, more romantic, and you can often bag yourself some of the most stunning scenery. Just make sure that whatever you do, your wedding day is perfect for you. You don’t want to spend the most important day of your life, without the details exactly how you want them to be. So many brides base their wedding around what other people want just to try and please them and to make sure the day goes smoothly. But it should be your opinion and thoughts that guide the day!

Your Own Little Family

Your own little family is definitely something that you will buzz about. When the time comes for this, whether it is planned or a complete surprise, your life is just going to change for the better. Yes, there are going to be some scary changes that will come. Your finances will change, your social life will change, and the way you’re able to live your life will change. But amongst all of this, you will have a love that’s just so pure, and you’ll wake up every day knowing you have a little human who loves you just as much as you love it. If you dream of having your own little family, you have to have some plans in place to make sure that it goes perfectly. The biggest plan, that revolves around all other plans you could possibly create, is the financial one. The money you had is now going to be taken up completely, so saving before the baby arrives is so important. You should have enough spare to rely on and to fall back on if money ever becomes too tight. You should also think about living more frugally. Bargain hunting, shopping for cheaper brands with foods, and saving money around the home is going to become your new hobby. But most of all, make sure you’re enjoying the time you’re going to get with your new little family. Make the best memories, and cherish every single day. Before you know it they will be all grown up!

A Life Fully Lived

Now, this is definitely something that you need to be aiming for. We know you’ve probably heard this before, but you only get one life to live, and you’ve got to be able to find ways to live it to the max if you want to look back and be happy. So if you want a life that’s fully lived, think about things like all of the places you want to travel to. Travelling is one of the best ways to enrich your life. There are so many experiences and so many cultures that you need to experience through travel. But also think about the smaller things that you could achieve that would make you feel proud. You could do a marathon, do a charity event, learn how to play an instrument, get yourself into a sports team. Just whatever you need to do to enrich your life, you should think about doing. The more experiences you have, the happier you’re going to be!

*This is a collaborative post*

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