Why Big Ticket Items Needn’t Cost The Earth

Sometimes we need to splash the cash a little. This might be because we have been working for the past eighteen months non stop and need a break. Or it could be because the set of wheels on your driveway have seen better days. Or it could be because the kitchen cupboards don’t open and your appliances are now a health and safety hazard. Even if you are struggling a little to make ends meet or you find yourself in the red at the end of each month, there are ways you can afford the more expensive items that you need. Read on to find out why big ticket items needn’t cost the Earth.


They used to say that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. This old edict is still true today. If you’re selling up soon or if you simply need some new cabinets, there are ways to remodel your kitchen without using you all of your savings. Consider if you can get away with just replacing the doors. If the structure of your cabinetry is sound, a simple respray may suffice. However, if your kitchen is older than you, an entire revamp will be needed. Head to the showrooms and look out for the ex-display models. Yes, they may have had their drawers opened a few thousand times, but they will still be fit for purpose. Buying ex-display could see you paying half the recommended retail price. Try to be as flexible as possible. While you might want a high gloss white modern kitchen, a top quality shaker style version may be heavily discounted.


If you are in desperate need of a new motor to ensure that you get to work on time, your kids can still go to swimming lessons on the weekend, and that you can pick up the groceries, don’t think that you have to go second hand. Initiatives like Mercedes Finance can help you drive away a brand new car and enter into a contract that sees you pay for the car over a series of months. This means your repayment never increases, and you have a reliable set of wheels for your errands. You also won’t have to fork out as much on MOTs, maintenance and tax as newer cars are more reliable and kinder to the planet.


While seen as a luxury, a holiday can also be needed for your mental well being. Don’t consider the all-inclusive five star resorts in the Caribbean. These are still too expensive, but if you can afford to go last minute and get yourself on any flight to any random Balearic, you could end up with a cheap deal. Hotels want rooms full and airlines want seats booked, so they will heavily discount them forty eight hours prior. Hold your nerve and check out deals online. Book your holiday from work and leave it until the last minute to pack your bags and say bon voyage. This can also be exciting and spontaneous!

Just because you aren’t made of money, doesn’t mean you can’t afford big ticket items. You simply have to think a little more outside of the box to obtain them.

*This is a collaborative post*

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