Five Things To Think About When Starting Up A Kid’s Club

Running a club of any kind can be timeconsuming and stressful at the best of times but especially if you don’t start it the right way from the very beginning. There are many things that you need to take into consideration.

What type of club will you run?

You may have looked at the clubs in your local area and decided that there is a gap in the offerings. You might want to offer a youth club, sports club or a club that focuses on a certain hobby or craft.

The Perfect Premises

You may already run a club and have premises that you use on a regular basis with the idea of expanding the number of clubs you offer, this is the easy bit so longs as you have the space and time needed to run the club properly. If you are looking for premises for a club make sure it is suitable to your clubs needs for example if you want to teach karate you will need plenty of open space and mats compared to a room that has plenty of space to sit and be comfortable if you’re running a book club.

Have Rules

Rules are important for any club to be able to run smoothly. What age will the club be available to, do the children have to belong to a certain school, area or demographic? It is also important to have a list of rules for the members to follow to ensure that they respect other members in the club too.

The Correct Paperwork

You don’t have to be a specialist to run a club but you do need to make sure that if you are offering classes that require members to be taught something the person running the class has relevant qualifications and insurances to do so. It’s important to remember that if you or any staff – voluntary or paid are working with vulnerable members of the public for example children, the elderly or people have disabilities you must have a DBS Check.

Have Reward Schemes

If you run a sports club you may want to reward members when they achieve goals. You could have your own bespoke medals made so that they can be given out when members achieve a target or goal. If you plan on running a tournament why not have a number of custom trophies and awards made so that they can be given out to keep or to be returned after a period of time. My son often plays golf with a friend and they have both brought home a trophy for a week when they have been the best-improved player that week. It encourages them to keep trying and improving as much as possible.

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