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A Traveler’s Checklist

Going on holiday can be very stressful no matter who you go away with or where your destination is, but hopefully, my checklist will be of help to cut down on some of the stress you might be feeling especially if you are travelling on your own or on an around the world backpacking trip.

Have the correct documents

Depending on where you are visiting you may need a visa to be able to travel, you definitely need travel insurance and you must ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your travel date. If your passport expires within this time frame or you need to renew it anyway make sure you do it before you book your trip so that if there are any delays it doesn’t affect your travel plans.

When it comes to travel insurance make sure you buy enough coverage. If you are planning on partaking in water or extreme sports you must make sure that your insurance will cover you for them. If not and you have an accident you could find yourself with massive medical bills and repatriation costs should you need to rebook your flights home.

You should take out health insurance if it isn’t covered in your travel insurance especially if you have health issues. You should make sure you have adequate cover that takes all your ailments into consideration because if you were taken ill with something you have failed to disclose you will be responsible for your bills which could be huge, in some cases you may not be treated if you don’t have the right cover. Although disclosing any pre-existing conditions might mean you pay a higher premium it is much better in the long run.

If you are travelling in Europe make sure you carry your valid EHIC this will give you access to the same treatments as you’d receive here in the UK, the only country this doesn’t apply to is Switzerland.

Keep your documents safe

It is so important to organise your documents before you leave home so that they are kept safe and to hand in case you should need them whilst on your travels. To ensure that they are kept safe and in the same place, you could place them together in something like a leather holder. There would be nothing worse than needing your travel insurance or passport and not being able to find them because they are at the bottom of your bag. The panic thinking you had lost them would put a real strain on you if you needed to show these items often – especially at airports or border checkpoints if you are visiting more than one place.

In case of emergency

Do you have all your emergency contact details up to date? Make sure you have them somewhere safe on your phone, in the back of your passport and in your luggage. If you have an accident and are unable to tell someone you are seriously ill or hurt at least someone will find one of these contacts and get in touch with your next of kin. If you are travelling to a country that you’ve never been before or where there has been unrest make sure you know the contacts of the British Embassies as you never know when you may need them although you should make sure you are aware of these even in the countries you have visited before.

Are you planning a trip soon? If so I’d love to know where you are planning to visit.




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