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Modern Collectables That Could Be A Treasure In The Future

Do you have any collectables? I don’t anymore but when I was younger I had a scrapbook of Charles and Diana’s wedding plus lots of memorabilia from the day and other important events after, a massive collection of Beanie Babies and lots of old and foreign money – I still have the money in a box somewhere, I’m not sure where the scrapbook is any more and the Beanie Babies are long gone as I no longer had the room for them when the boys came along.

The great thing about collecting something is that you can collect anything you want at all toys, dolls, books, music, figurines, wines – the list is endless.  If you’re considering starting a collection here are just a few ideas for things you could start collecting that might be worth a little in the future:


Coins are a popular choice for collectors. Many of my friends are collecting the Beatrix Potter 50p’s as they seem to think they will be worth something in the future and who knows maybe they will, maybe they will be worth as much as the rare Kew Gardens 50p. I know recently when the new 20 pence pieces came into circulation and there was some that didn’t have the date on they are worth a lot of money at the minute as coin collectors want them in their collections.

As I’ve already mentioned I have a box full of old and foreign coins. My dad gave me them when I was smaller as he had no use for them. There is one old £1 note and a  few massive 50p’s, I’ve also a few old one pennies and a couple of farthings that I found in the garden at the house where I grew up. There’s also a few lira, drachma and francs in the box too. They won’t be worth anything as they’re not rare or uncirculated but I intend to keep them as I think they’ll be something the boys and certainly, their children will find of interest especially with most of the European countries now use the Euro.


Watches are another popular item to collect. There are so many types of watches they appeal to a wide range of people. Some will collect any type of watch whilst others will just collect specific types of watches, for example, fob watches or silver pocket watches. If you are planning to collect watches do your research into the type of watches you want to collect. Will you wear any of them? will they be put on display or will they be stored safely away? Expensive watches should be insured so that they are covered should they be lost, stolen or broken. If you’re starting a collection https://www.fobandco.com have a huge range of watches that you might like.

Video Games

I am kicking myself about this one. I gave my younger brother all of my old games and now they are so popular it is unbelievable. When we were younger my older brother, younger sister and myself had all the latest consoles to share between us, when we no longer wanted them we gave them to our younger brother. since then the “retro” games have made a massive comeback and are really popular. In years to come these games will be very collectable.

Perfume Bottles

Marc Jacobs is my favourite perfume in the whole world. I can’t get enough of any of the fragrances that are available. I adore the scent and I love the bottles that the perfumes come in too as each one has a cute lid and bottle shape. I’ve saved each one I’ve bought/ been bought so far (about 6 in total) and will definitely be saving the rest when I get more. I don’t think it will be the start of a perfume bottle collection for me personally but there are some really valuable bottles out there that avid collectors long to own.

The thing to remember when it comes to collecting something is to collect because you like them not for what they might be worth in years to come. The items mentioned below may or may not be worth much but if you like it then that’s great – if you’re collecting something to pass on to future generations I’m sure they will love them as much as you do just because it is something that you have passed down.

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