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Five Things To Consider When Going Abroad With Children

Schools up and down the country are breaking up for the summer, this means only one thing for many families – time to go on holiday, relax and spend some much needed time together. We are having a staycation this year as the boys older brother is coming for the summer from Ireland and we can’t wait to see him but next year we are planning to go away together maybe Spain or the Canary Islands.

If you’re going away whether it be a last-minute deal or one that has been in the works for months there are a few things you need to consider before going away with your children. Here are a few things you should consider:

Destination – Are you planning a beach holiday? or perhaps a trip of a lifetime travelling across continents. Wherever your destination may be, do your research before travelling. How safe is the country you are visiting? When travelling with your family you don’t want to be taking them to areas where there has been civil unrest or terrorism. You can do a lot of research online before you book to see what has been happening in a country. If you have any concerns you can talk to your travel agent or look on the Govt website to see what travel plans are in place.

Insurance – When taking your children abroad make sure to have travel insurance. If you were to fall ill or have an accident and you don’t have the correct insurance cover you could find yourself with a massive medical bill and no way of paying it. Make sure your insurance covers you for water sports if you plan on hiring equipment as this isn’t something offered as standard on most policies.

If you are travelling in the EEA you will be covered for emergency treatment so longs as you have a valid EHIC. This is a free card so ensure that you have signed up before you travel and make sure you go through the Govt website so that you aren’t charged for applying for a card. If you are travelling outside of this area you will be responsible for any costs incurred, If you’re looking for medical travel insurance Bupa Global have plans to suit any travellers needs.

Accommodation – Depending on your destination it is often best to book somewhere central but away from nightlife so that you can have a fun filled holiday without having to travel too far in an unknown place. It is also recommended if you have young children to ask that you are placed in accommodation on a lower floor but not close to any water features so that young children are safe from falls or potential hazards. Children are naturally inquisitive in new surroundings and no one wants to put their children at unnecessary risk or harm.

Things to Do – When booking your holiday look at the attractions the local area has to offer. If you’re going away for two weeks and there’s nothing in the local area for the kids to do you may find your holiday quickly turns into a nightmare. Look for local beaches as they would be a great starting place for a cheaper day out with the family.

Staying Safe in the Sun – It’s so important to protect children’s skin and even more so when you are on holiday as you are out in the heat for longer. Always make sure to pack your sun creams in hold luggage as it’s too big for hand luggage. Another tip and one I will certainly remember is that it’s cheaper to buy here and take abroad rather than buying it when you are away.

Are you planning a holiday? If so I’d love to hear all about it.


*This is a collaborative post*

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