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Tracks of My Years – It’s Me & Ethan

This week’s Tracks of My Years is written by the very love Ger from It’s Me & Ethan. She can be found on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

So let’s take a look at Ger’s Tracks…


Is there anything better than putting on one of your favourite tracks while you remember why it’s your favourite?

I love when I hear a song I haven’t heard in years play loudly over the airwaves; it has the power to transport me right back to a certain place and a certain time.

Of course, there is the downside to those tracks which will be forever embedded with a painful, unhappy memory which forces your mind to go back to that time when your world fell apart, or you had your first heartbreak or…

Music is powerful…

Music is often something people love to use to describe their personality.

As a teen, I too used to think my taste in music defined me, I used to lie and pretend I loved Nirvana or whatever was in the charts at the time , but as an adult I know that my taste in music does not define me but it does play a homage to who I am – it is n important part of my life.

Music has always been a part of my life;  I have tried to play a few instruments with little to no success – I blame my left-handedness!

I love to sing and dance and I really don’t care these days about how badly I do both; the joy of ageing, eh?!

One song, I recall which stands out for me is “Good Riddance /Time of your life” by GreenDay – and no, I am not a Green Day fan at all but this song brings me back to a church filled with girls all dressed in their school uniform for the last time. It reminds me of the fun we had planned for after the mass – Would we be asked for ID’s and if so could we bluff our way in? The reality that these photos were probably going to be the last ones we would ever take of us all together. It reminds me of the friends I’ve lost along the way and the friends who are very much still in my life almost 20 years later.

There are a few songs which can bring me to a standstill. One, in particular, I really really dislike. I hate it. I hate it because it transports me right back to the day we buried a friend. She was beautiful and so full of life. It hummed out through the speakers on the day of her burial in an effort to comfort but all it has ever done for me is hurt me. It brings no comfort.  You Raise Me Up “ covered by Westlife.

The theme tune to ‘The Simpsons ’ brings a smile to my face. I dance when I hear this as this is one of my sons absolute favourite shows; it has brought us through so much happiness and sadness but it is reliable and can always make him smile. Thank you, Danny Elfman, for creating a beautiful piece of music that will forever remind me of my son.

Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” & “ Wooden Heart” – Elvis  

Those who know me were wondering when Elvis would make the list, and yes there are a few of his songs which transport me.

I have loved Elvis ever since my Daddy taught me the words to “Wooden heart “ back when my legs weren’t long enough to reach the ground while he carried me home on the back of his bicycle.

My darling husband sang “Can’t help falling in love with you” on our wedding day. He was so nervous as we were taking part in the programme “Don’t Tell The Bride” but he did a fantastic job despite knowing he hadn’t a note in his head. I adore him for that. I can’t help but laugh when I put on that track. He definitely is braver than me.

Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica – I love all different types of music and for a long time this song would bring me back to a time of loneliness and sadness but in my later years it brings me to the car journeys with my family while we all rock out to this – me and my three boys plus husband do like a bit of Metallica !

Sail Away ” David Grey – I loved him. That man got me through so much teenage angst that I think I owe him a drink or several. I always have fond memories of David and I, as I wallowed over some boy or other — fond memories now, as I think how much angst we made up as teenagers, eh? I was definitely a “Dawson” for anyone old enough to get that reference!

And finally, The Weather Girls – “It’s Raining Men”I laugh when I hear this now. I used to love it. It places me back to the year 2000 when I was young, free and single. When all I worried about was having enough money for a taxi home at the end of a night out.

My girlfriends and I would go to a nightclub where they played vintage music ( I love me some 60’s, 70’s & 80’s), the drinks were cheap, the place was mobbed and the music was amazing, we would literally down our drinks at the bar and spend hours on the dance floor. Those were indeed the days.

Music is powerful…
Music should be treasured…

When I think about what was popular when I was growing up, I laugh because i would have to google it. I hid the music I liked from my peers as I was growing up but now as an adult my peers embrace my taste and agree on most of my favourites; my point is – music is a part of all our lives it doesn’t define us , it helps us when we need it , and it can if we allow it, help us to remember the most important times in our lives , even if painful . Music is indeed powerful.

What do you think about Ger’s Tracks? I personally think that my fellow left-hander has chosen some great songs. I too love Elvis but even I don’t think Matthew would sing me down the aisle – how great is that she and her hubby were on Don’t Tell The Bride.

If you’d like to take part in Tracks of My Years please Contact Us or send me an email – mythreeandme@hotmail.co.uk

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