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This week’s Tracks of My Years is written by the lovely Vicki who blogs over at Tippytupps. She can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Vicki, it’s over to you and the Tracks of Your Years.

Hi!! I’m Vicki from over at Tippytupps; a parenting and lifestyle blog which follows myself and my husband along with our amazing daughter, gorgeous son and our big fat white cat and the daily chaos which makes up our lives!

Today though I’m here to talk about music though, as Louise has very kindly allowed me to share the songs which make up some of the tracks of my life. Music has always been a huge part of my life and these are the ones that really stand out as I look back over the past 30 years – the ones that immediately transport me back to a certain time in my life when I hear them.

Que Sera Sera – Doris Day

This is the song that my mum sang to me when I was a child and one that I sing to my daughter from time to time. It will forever remind me of her and of being a child.

Lady in Red – Chris De Burgh

When we were kids there was a period when we moved around a lot and I remember a time when I used to be scared going to bed. At that time, we lived in a house where my brother and I had bedrooms next to each other which had nothing more than a stud wall between them and he used to sing to me through the wall. This is the song I remember falling to sleep to when I was around 8 years old with him singing.

Goodnight Girl – Wet Wet Wet

I feel like I’m showing my age now but this was the first single I ever bought. It was on record and I remember going to our local Our Price store when I was about 11 years old. I think I still have it.

I Ain’t Going Out Like That – Cypress Hill

Actually, the majority of the Black Sunday Album which I used to listen to on my Walkman in the back of my parents car…..on cassette tape of course!

Perfect – Alanis Morissette

I defy anyone of my age (and who is female!) not to identify with the entire Jagged Little Pill album – the ultimate in teenage angst I used to listen to it over and over (and over!) again. And do you know what? I still love it! Perfect was always one of my favourites.

Set You Free – N-Trance

Around the time I was listening to Alanis, I also discovered dance music and became an early clubber. 20 years after it was first released this song is STILL guaranteed to get me in the dancing mood, making me sing along as loud as I can!

Let’s Stay Together – Al Green

This was our wedding song and it was an easy choice. Back early on in our relationship, we used to listen to the Pulp Fiction soundtrack on repeat and this song very quickly became our song.

Dick in a Box – The Lonely Island

This song represents a time when we were newly married and out all the time with friends, every weekend and the Incredibad album came out at around that time. My husband introduced me to the Lonely Island and I remember forcing all our friends to listen and watch the videos crowded around smartphones in busy bars.

Rather Be – Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne

When my daughter was born in 2014 she, unfortunately, ended up being delivered by emergency caesarian the surgeons were listening to Radio One in the delivery room (more specifically Greg James in the afternoon) and when she came into the world, this was the song that was playing.

You Are My Sunshine – Elizabeth Mitchell

Fast forward a few weeks (and months!) and my daughter had horrendous colic and I used to sing this to her over and over again which used to help to calm her. She’s now two years old and has taken to requesting ‘sunshine’ and is even able to sing along to it which just melts my heart!

Cake by the Ocean – DNCE

Fast forward another couple of years to 2016 and we have a different child but unfortunately, the same result as my son turned breech during labour and had to be convinced to leave the womb. Once again, we were back in surgery and once again the radio was playing, this time DNCE. It seems my children like to enter the world listening to music!

Never Grow Up – Taylor Swift

For mummies with little babies, the middle of the night is HARD. You’re tired and just want sleep but you have a little one who needs you. For me singing to them has always helped get me through these difficult hours and this song became Henry’s song in the middle of the night. Recently though both this one and You Are My Sunshine are interchangeable for either of my children.

Wow! That was quite a trip down memory lane and I’ve really enjoyed listening to all of these again, so much so it now has its own Tracks Of My Years Spotify playlist!!

There are so many more that I could have included – Take That, PJ & Duncan, Michael Jackson, Erasure, Crowded House – the list could go on and on but I had to narrow it down and when I did, this is what I was left with. What I am really looking forward to though is watching my children grow and seeing what songs start to make up the soundtrack of their lives.

Wow what a list, there are some great song choices don’t you think? If you’d like to take part please Contact Us for more information.

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