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Tracks of My Years – Craft With Cartwright

This week’s Tracks of My Years is from the very lovely Ruth, a lifestyle blogger, designer and work from home mum. She can be found blogging over at Craft with Cartwright, on Twitter, Facebook and on Instagram too.

Let’s take a look at Ruth’s Tracks:

The earliest memories of music I have are from listening to the radio in the car with my parents or hearing it drift up the stairs in an evening when I was in bed. I thought my parents had quite different tastes in music but when I recall the songs I associate with them are both female folky singer-songwriters.

My Dad.
He listened to Joni Mitchel so much that for a while I was sick of it. I still don’t really like big yellow taxi but I do really enjoy listening to other tracks of hers. One of my favourites then and now is Snakes and Ladders.

My Mum.
It seemed that my mum only owned one cassette which was Tinita Tikaram – ancient heart. We listened to it so much in her car the tape became stretch and warped. I thought about this tape recently and enjoyed revisiting it. My favourite track from it was Twist in my sobriety.

In my high school years, I was big into grunge. I had a boyfriend with long blond hair and a terrible peroxide do. We thought of ourselves as the midlands equivalent of Kurt and Courtney. When I cast my eyes back to this hormone raging time. Nirvana is what plays in my head. My favourite of all time was the unplugged album recorded for MTV and top of my playlist is Plateau.

In my final year of high school, we went on a trip to Prague. Far too much underage drinking was done and there was lots of dancing in dodgy nightclubs. There was also a lot of coach travel and so we subjected to everyone’s different tastes in music.

Two different tracks come to mind from this epic bus journey. The first one was when my best friend introduced me to the new song wannabe from the Spice girls. So in contrast to my music taste at the time, Who? I said. It was a shock to the system.

The other song from the trip always makes me chuckle. My other best friend went to change the tape at the front of the bus and shouted up the aisle ‘whose is this rem tape?’ R.E.M night swimming is still one of my all-time faves.

Moving onto my college years. Still enjoying music with my best friend, one of our first live gigs was Cast. I remember coming out of it, bruised, covered in beer and with no buttons left on my shirt from getting stuck in the pit at the front of the gig. Most fun I had ever had.

I got married when I was 24 and because we had a civil ceremony we could choose out own music. We spent ages pouring over what tracks would sum up the beauty of the day and I do believe we picked some classics for our wedding. I walked into the wedding accompanied to And I love her by the Beatles.

Then we walked out as a newlywed couple to Bob Marley’s Is this love.

On our Honeymoon, we constantly listened to Damien Rice’s Album Cannonball. Whenever I listen to it now, I’m instantly transported back to the Maldives lying on a perfect white sandy beach. My favourite track from this album was The blowers Daughter.

Since getting married and having kids my time for music has somewhat diminished. My choices have been replaced my Justin and nursery rhyme albums. Apart from one track which is a winner with everyone is the house and results in lots of mad dancing whenever we hear it. Both my boys suddenly turn into mad clubbers and I see that music might return to my car stereo soon. The track is Runaway by Galantis.

Thank you, Ruth, for the look at the tracks that mean the most to you. There are some lovely songs here. I too love Night Swimming – it’s a song I listen to often and yet have people asking me often who sings it – Do they not know anything about good music?

If you’d like to share your tracks with us you can Contact Us for more information and I will be in touch soon.

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