How Do You Get A #aSoundSleep

When I was younger the house that I lived in was situated on a very busy road. The noise never really bothered me and it was something that you just didn’t give a second thought too. Fast forward 10 years and we moved to a bigger village but a house that was situated in a quiet estate – it was too quiet! and I struggled to get to sleep when we first moved in. In fact it was months and months before I could sleep properly on a night and for a long time I needed to have some kind of background noise to help me fall asleep – I used to listen to my radio or Walkman through headphones and once I was getting sleepy I’d be tired enough to turn them off and fall off to sleep.

Nowadays as long as I’m tired I can pretty much fall asleep anywhere and the background noise doesn’t even need to be there anymore – I think when you become a parent you learn to just sleep and when the chance arises you take it (obviously this isn’t the case now the boys are older and I no longer need a nap to help with night feeds and demanding toddlers).
Mattress Next Day recently carried out a survey. They asked 500 people about their sleeping habits. It would seem that I’m not alone with listening to music either, 65% of those who gave answers said that they listen to music to help them to sleep. The survey showed that the most common cause of people being woken, is people shouting or babies crying – I am so pleased that all three boys have slept through the night from being around 8 weeks old. 
For me there is nothing worse than being woken up in the middle of the night / or being kept awake by someone snoring in bed next to you – Yes Matthew I’m looking at you when I say this and it would seem that I’m not alone, 26% of the people questioned said that they’ve kicked someone out of bed for snoring. Although I’ve never gone that far I can see why they would do it. I am always the last one to fall asleep as I like to relax by reading a book for half an hour or so before I go to sleep but sometimes (not always) I’m kept awake by the snoring beast by my side. To make him stop I usually give him a good nudge and he moves position but it’s definitely one noise I could live without in my life. But I don’t think his snoring has anything on the Grandmother who is the loudest snorer in Britain – she was recorded at a very loud 111decibels!!! I don’t even think earplugs would help to drown that noise out. The infographic below shows more of the survey results. 
A sound sleep

How do you sleep on a night? can you sleep wherever and whenever no matter what is going on around you? or do you need the room to be silent without any noise at all? I’d love to hear about this in the comments below.

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