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Tracks of My Years – Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum

Tracks of My Years is back with a bang this week thanks to my friend and fellow Yorkshire Mummy Michaela from Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum. You can find Michaela on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and over on her new blog At Home With Kayla. Here is what she had to say about the tracks of her years

Music is a constant in our house. The radio is on every day, even if it’s just as background noise, and I’m forever updating my Spotify with old tracks that have come into my head and that I want to listen to whilst at the gym. I’ve always loved music. As a young child, my best friend Tracy and I thought up our very own band. We were going to be called No Angels – we even drew pictures of outfits we’d wear and songs we’d sing – the joys of being a child! My list is probably going to have no theme to it at all. I love a lot of different music which I think is great – I don’t stick to any particular genre and just listen to songs that I like…

Atomic Kitten – See Ya

So, starting off with my oldest favourite and one that really made me want to be a pop star when I was a child – See Ya by Atomic Kitten. Tracy and I would spend many a day learning the lyrics to every Atomic Kitten song, the dances and trying to perfect how we’d be just like them one day.

Westlife – Flying Without Wings

It’s just one of those songs that gives me the tingles. Westlife was my absolute favourite band when I grew older. I remember going to see them in concert with my best friend and they came out, flying over the crowd on a huge metal frame, singing Flying Without Wings, and it was mesmerising.

Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams

As a teenager, I sometimes felt really lonely, as I’m sure a lot of kids my age did, and Green Day were my go-to band to listen to. Their lyrics resonated with me so much, Boulevard of Broken Dreams was one that I could listen to over and over, and even though it was a sad song, it lifted my spirits. Green Day was my first dive into rock music and from there I found Red Hot Chili Peppers, Atreyu and Linkin Park.

Eminem – Lose Yourself

It was hard to pick out one Eminem song, as I’ve loved nearly every song he has done. I love how his lyrics and songs change depending on how he’s feeling. One album could be all upbeat and funny, and the next down and more poignant. I’m totally one for losing myself in the moment, and I teach my children that they should take every moment they get, as they’ll never get them back – to take every opportunity and grasp with both hands.

Paulo Nutini – Last Request

As soon as I heard this song I knew that I would get married to it one day. I had been with my partner for 2 years then. 2 years later, we married to this song and it’s been a favourite of mine to listen to ever since I even played it to all my children when they were in my womb. It just makes me feel wholesome when I listen to it. Like I’m projecting my love and feelings onto the person I’m listening with. I play this song to my children all the time – they know that this is my favourite song.

Anne-Marie – 2002

My love of the noughties and the songs that were out back then all comes flooding back when I hear this song and it mentions a lot of the songs I loved back then. Her song, Don’t Leave Me Alone is also another I love too. She has a stunning voice and the songs just resonate so much with me.

It’s been great to look back at some of my favourite songs over the years, and it’s meant that my Spotify list has now just got a lot longer as I’ve realised just how great some of these songs still are…

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