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Tracks of My Years – Sensory Sensitive Mummy

This week’s Tracks of My Years comes from the lovely Nicki who blogs over at Sensory Sensitive Mummy. You can find can also find her over on Facebook and Twitter.

So, Nicki, it’s over to you and the Tracks of Your Years.

I have always been a big music fan if I hear a certain track that I’ve not heard for a while, it takes me right back to the time when I was listening to this track the most, it sparks certain memories like from my childhood. Here are the biggest ‘Tracks of My Years:’

Lionel Richie – Hello

This track takes me right back to my childhood, in the early 80s when my parents had a record player and a wide selection of records. I was born in 1982 so hearing this record must take me back to one of my earliest memories. My dad, in particular, was a big Lionel Richie fan and hearing this song I can remember him singing along!

Kylie – I should be so lucky

This track was from my first ever cassette tape that was a gift for my 6th Birthday. I loved Kylie and I remember also getting a jumper that was designed by Kylie, she was one of the ultimate 80s icons. I remember the trials of feeding the tape back into the cassette if it had got caught up!

Black Lace – Agadoo

I’m sure this is where my love of ‘cheesy’ music was born! In the late 80s and early 90s we used to go with friends to Pontins Holiday camp at Brean Sands, Somerset. In the evenings there would be a family disco for the ‘Crocodile Club’ children. This song was played every night and after 4 years in a row of holidaying at Brean, we’d perfected the moves! If this does ever come on at a party or night out, the moves are remembered straight away!

Madonna – Like A Prayer

Madonna has to be my biggest idol of all time if there’s a fancy dress party, it’s the perfect excuse to get out the Ra-Ra skirt, bright blue stilettoes, big hooped earrings and many necklaces! This was one song that I liked to use to record myself singing! If I ever found those cassettes now I’d be so very embarrassed! At the time I thought it was ‘cool’ to record myself.

Nirvana – Smells like teen spirit 

This was the track of my ‘Grunge’ years when I first dyed my hair red and would go to school discos with my cherry red Doc Martin boots in with a skirt that touched the floor! We would ‘head-bang’ to this Nirvana track!

Blur – Parklife

From grunge or ‘Indie’ music fan, I turned into a fan of ‘Britpop.’ Fashions turned into wearing band T-shirts and Converse trainers. Liking this type of music made me individual from those around me who were listening to ‘Take That’ (although I do like their music now!) at this time, I preferred to stay alternative.

Ian Van Dahl – Castles in the Sky

This track reminds me of being in sixth form college and discovering ‘Clubbing’ for the first time! This was also played repeatedly during my first holiday abroad and without my parents!

Faithless – Insomnia

This was another clubbing anthem whilst I was at sixth form and when I started University. In the local nightclub, there was a student night every Thursday and this track was played in the main room every week! Once the main part of the song kicked in there were green strobe lights to add to the theme!

Reef – Place your Hands

Event thought this track was released in 1997, and I started University in 2001, this was a firm favourite played in the student bar – aptly named ‘The Dive,’ where your shoes stuck to the floor! Even on the rare occasions that I go ‘Out, Out’ now, as soon as this track starts you see people rush to the dancefloor! This song reminds me of the wonderful times I had with the friends I made at University that I’m still in contact with 15 years later!

Adele – Hometown Glory

In 2008, I lived 4 hours away from where I was born and brought up, I’d never moved away from home before this as I was very much a ‘home – bird.’ I bought Adele’s album – 19 and I absolutely loved her music. It was quite a dark time and this song still brings back some sad memories of a very tricky time, but I came back ‘home’ in 2009 and it was a decision that I’m happy I made.

Lady Ga Ga – Bad Romance

I was blown away the first time I heard this track and was equally fascinated by the outrageous music video! I must have watched it over and over when it first came out. I like the quirkiness that Lady GaGa brought to the music world and I admired her for being different and standing out from the crowd! At the time I really wanted the heart-design tattoo that Lady GaGa has across her side and back but I’ve never gone through with it! If I was to have a tattoo now I think it would be my children’s names!

Beyoncé – Halo

I find this track to be heavenly, I absolutely love Beyoncé and this is a song I could listen to over and over again. This track was covered on the TV series ‘Glee,’ which was a must-watch for me at this time!

UB40 – Red Red Wine

Released only a year after I was born in 1983, and was a track from my childhood, but after meeting my Fiancé in 2010, we discovered that we both have a love of this song. I must admit I was a bit lost after moving away and then returning to my hometown 6 years later so the song lyrics: “I was wrong, now I find Just one thing makes me forget,” resonate quite strongly, but the ironic thing is I’m not keen on red wine itself, I prefer Rose!

Rihanna – The Only girl in the World

This track reminds me of the time I rented a flat with my other half and sister in the city centre, it was a second chance for me to get dressed up and have a good old night out before we settled down and had children. This was the ‘getting ready’ anthem for a night out and came accompanied with a large class of wine!

Thank you for letting me join in!

Nicki x

Again, another great list of tracks. I am loving looking / listening to everyone’s lists. UB40 are one of my favourite bands and Red Red Wine is my all time favourite song of theirs. I am loving the cheesy 80’s music that seems to be oozing from all of us 80’s babies – it seems to be a common theme amongst us… Agadoo although so, so cheesy it reminds me of my Nana – she used to sing it to us when we smaller and when I saw it on your list I couldn’t help but smile, have a little reminisce and sing along.

What do you think too Nicki’s Tracks? If you want to take part in our series please contact us.


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