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Tracks of My Years – Big Man in the Woods

This week’s Tracks of My Years is from the lovely Mark who is from Big Man in the Woods. He Can be found on Twitter, Facebook and his Podcasts can be found on iTunes. Mark is also the first male blogger to take part in our series so I’m excited to see what his tracks are.

So, Mark, it’s over to you and the Tracks of your Years….

As a young kid of the 80’s I was always listening to the radio, I used to present my very own Radio 1 roadshow to my neighbours, putting my speakers up to my bedroom window and playing my music loud waiting for my mum to shout “ TURN THAT RACKET DOWN”. I was well known at school for the boy who collected every single no1.

Fast forward to the early 00’s, it was here that I first got the bug of radio, well it this case it was Hospital radio Wexham, I spent many happy years playing the music to the patients and staff of the Hospital. It was here that taught me my skills of being a Radio presenter. I’ve been lucky enough to work on Professional radio on and off since then to this present day.

So as a radio presenter to be asked to pick 10 of my all time favourite songs was extremely hard.
So in no particular order here goes:-

Buddy Holly – It Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Why Buddy holly? He was such an awesome and talented young man whose life was sadly taken away in a freak accident whilst travelling to his next gig in a small airplane, it was hit during a horrendous storm and amongst others he sadly past away.
I am such a huuuuuuuge Fan of Buddy, it was hard to pick just song. But this choice is properly my top 3 songs from buddy

The Beatles – Here Comes The Sun

Like many people, I love the Beatles. Not a big big fan, but I love their songs. But George Harrison singing this song, why this one? Simple, my daughter is obsessed with singing it, watching her face light up when we both sing our hearts out “ here comes the sun, do do dooooo” is just magic!

The Mavericks – Dance The Night Away

Whilst working on radio, I was asked many times to DJ at weddings, parties etc. This song was 100% guaranteed to fill the dance floor. It’s such a happy song you can’t help but dance along, even if you just tap your foot.

Norman Greenbaum – Spirit In She Sky

So in Hospital Radio Wexham, there used to be a list of “ Do not play songs!” I was and still am a bit of a rebel. I used to play this song every week on my show. It’s such a classic song. Sorry if you was a patient at Wexham Park hospital and listened to my show and got upset with this song, I didn’t mean to, honest!

Human League – Together In Electric Dreams

Working on 1 particular Radio station,I used to have a segment called “shower songs” this is where listeners would contact me & tell me their favourite song they love. To sing along to in the shower. Well this is my shower song.

S club 7 – Don’t Stop Movin’

Even as a grown-up adult ( scary saying that) I still enjoy a bit of s club 7- my guilty pleasure. Need I say more than …. Rachel Stevens ;0)

Status Quo – Whatever You Want

I remember as a kid, my dad was always playing Status Quo, I guess I was brought up on them. Sadly he passed away last year with a long illness. So listening to The quo will bring back those memories of Dad

Manfred Mann – Pretty Flamingo

Not sure why I love this song, there’s no story beside it…I just like this song.

Falco – Rock Me Amadeus

It’s an 80s anthem. I have this in my secret stash of pick me up songs. It brings back some happy holiday memories and whenever I play it at home, my wife shouts at me to turn that rubbish off….so I play it even more and LOUDER just to annoy her even more.

The Real Thing – You To Me Are Everything

Last but not least, The Real Thing- You to me are everything. This was our 1st dance at my wedding all those years ago. It’s a lovely song and the lyrics are so true.

Thanks Mark for your tracks, you have shared some great songs, Yes, I know I say this every week but that’s because it’s true – everyone who has taken part so far has shared some awesome tracks with us. I especially loved listening to Buddy Holly and I may have listened to one or two more of his songs too.

What do you think to Mark’s tracks? If you’d like us to share your tracks contact us.

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