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Tracks of My Years – Marcus Alexander Hall

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last instalment of Tracks of My Years. This week’s Tracks list is from Men’s Lifestyle Blogger Marcus Alexander Hall. Marcus can be found on both Twitter and Instagram.

So Marcus. let’s take look at the Tracks of Your Years.

These songs may not be my favourite songs of all time, though there are still some great songs in there, but each one reminds me of a certain time in my life…

Beach Boys – Wouldn’t It Be Nice

I’ll start with a song that reminds me of my childhood. My parents are big fans of the Beach Boys, and a collection of their songs was one of the tapes (yes, tapes) that was often played in the car when we were driving to my grandparents’ house in Wales. I can vividly remember listening to this song and thinking about what life was going to be like when I grew up, and how great it was going to be.

Maroon 5 – This Love

The first proper gig a went to with my mates was to see Maroon 5 when I was 15. It was at the Birmingham academy and I remember it being really busy and really hot, but I loved it. My group of friends and I were big fans of the album “Songs About Jane”; we spent many hours listening to it chilling out after school.

Snow Patrol – Open Your Eyes

Snow Patrol are one of my favourite bands, mainly down to the great songwriter that Gary Lightbody is. A lot of my mid to late teenage years were spent listening to Snow Patrol, and there are so many of their songs I could have chosen. However, this one is not only a great song but has an awesome video too. It reminds me of a trip I took to Paris with three mates around 10 years ago

Gnarls Barkley – Crazy

I remember this song being everywhere when it first came out. Which wasn’t a bad thing, as it’s a cracking song. It was out at the time I was first going on nights out with friends to bars and clubs, so it’s one that I associate with that time in my life.

George Harrison – Got My Mind Set On You

This isn’t even my favourite George Harrison song, let alone favourite song by The Beatles or any of their solo material, but this song takes me back to a precise moment. It’s when I was on a “Lads Holiday” to Ayia Napa when I was 18 and myself and a few of the guys I was on holiday with ended up in a really cheesy club (I think it was called “Car Wash” – no idea if it’s still there). I just remember us being there and all singing and dancing to this song.

Mike and the Mechanics – Over My Shoulder

I’m not entirely sure when, but this song has become THE road trip song for me and my friends. I certainly have a video of us singing it in the car during a road trip to Cornwall when we were about 18 (though the ritual of playing it may have started before then). Since then, every time a group of us are in the car together on the way to somewhere, we listen to this song (and sing along) at least once.

The Cat Empire – The Chariot

Talking of road trips, this song became the anthem for a month long road trip myself and four mates undertook across the USA after we’d finished university. We flew into New York and flew out of LA just over a month later. We visited some awesome places, met some interesting people and had an amazing time. We listened to this song a ridiculous amount of times during that month, and whenever I listen to it now it reminds of those weeks in the US.

Pharrell Williams – Happy

This was my sister and her husband’s first dance at their wedding. They wanted a song that was upbeat and that everyone could join in with, rather than it being just about them. They started by themselves on the dancefloor, but as soon as the chorus kicked in, my family and I ran on to join them. The rest of the guests soon joined in!

Ben Howard – Only Love

I’m going to finish with a bit of soppy one. I was lucky enough to be front row to see Ben Howard headline the Oceanfest festival in 2012, which I went to with a few mates from uni. My girlfriend and I had only been going out for a couple of months at this point and I’d introduced her to Ben Howard’s music, which she really enjoyed. So when Ben started playing this song, I rang her so she could hear it and I sang along down the phone. Nearly five years on, we’re still together.

What do you think of Marcus’ Tracks? There are some pretty great choices here and I love his romantic gesture (Matthew if you’re reading this take note). My Three love Happy and are always singing it and I love The Beach Boys – their songs always seem to be so cheerful and again you can’t help but sing along to them.

If you’d like your Tracks featuring please Contact Me and I will get in touch with more details on how to participate.

If you enjoyed reading Marcus’ Tracks of My Years you can see who else has taken part in our series here.

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