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My Groom’s Wedding Outfit

We are getting married in New York in the summer – I know everyone knows this by now as I haven’t shut up about it but I am so excited – can you tell? I think it is finally sinking in that by the summer I will be Mrs L. OMG me a bride and then a wife… It’s a little bit scary too.

I already have my dress sorted for our big day (I think although there is still time to change my mind) and Matthew almost has everything ready to wear, however, he does have one or two things missing from his outfit that we need to buy to make it complete.

A Suit

He has a two-piece grey suit – which he looks very handsome in. We originally looked at a top and tails suit when we were considering getting married in church. I said to Matthew that if this was where we were having our ceremony I wanted the whole works, a top hat and a coat with tails. We then looked at three-piece suits but thought that it might be too hot in New York in July especially if we have to wait for our ceremony to take place. We have been advised that it could take as little as 30 mins or we could be waiting for as long as three hours. The advice is also to take a drink of water with you as it gets warm in the waiting area – so a three-piece suit would not be good at all no matter how lovely it looked. We both said if when we get there and it’s crazy hot heatwave weather we’ll both be getting married in shorts and t-shirt – I think he was only half joking when he made the suggestion.

A Shirt

One item he does still need to buy is his shirt. He is leaving this until nearer the time we go to New York so that he can ensure that it fits him well. I didn’t realise there were so many shirts to choose from until we started looking so I’m hoping that his leaving it until nearer the time doesn’t mean a last minute shopping trip as my anxiety really can’t take that kind of pressure. He will be wearing a white collar shirt that is for certain but the cut and style will definitely be left up to him to decide. Along with his shirt, he will also be wearing a tie and cufflinks.


Although Matthew has more shoes than I do he is yet to buy his wedding shoes as believe it or not he has no formal shoes at all. He has work boots, walking boots, wellies and what seems like hundreds of trainers but no shoes. He did ask if he could wear trainers but I’ve told him that if I’m wearing shoes then so is he! – although I really don’t need an excuse to wear a nice pair of shoes.

Can you think of anything else that he needs for our big day?

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