How to Get in the Mood for Your Next Holiday

Our travel adventures are often the highlights of our year. Whether you’re jetting off for a weekend in Las Vegas or staycationing in Cornwall, holidays are where our most treasured memories are made. However, it’s not always as simple as hopping on a plane and having a brilliant time from the get-go.

The stress of real life always has a danger of creeping in, while the logistics of actually planning a holiday, especially for a family, can easily sap the fun out of the experience. If you have a big holiday coming up but just aren’t really feeling it yet, follow these simple tips to get you in the spirit.

Plan Your Itinerary

If you’re not in the mood for your vacation yet, chances are you just haven’t visualised it. The most effective way to do this is to get together with your travelling companions and start planning your itinerary. Find out what museums, restaurants, bars and clubs are waiting in your chosen destination and soon you’ll be itching to board that plane.

Watch Some Films

Film directors do a better job of romanticising places than travel guidebooks usually do, so find out which films are set in your chosen destination and start bingeing. You don’t have to look too hard – you can just consult the super-helpful Netflix travel films guide and browse until you find the places you’re looking for. By the time the credits are rolling, you’ll be raring to go.

Play Some Games

There are all sorts of video games themed around some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world that will immediately infect you with the travel bug. You don’t even need to pay for a new Xbox game – just a quick glance at the freely available Paddy Power slot games reveals a huge range of popular titles themed on destinations such as Egypt, Italy, Hawaii, and, of course, Las Vegas. If they won’t give you some serious wanderlust, nothing will.

Do Your Research

This one will also help you be more prepared for when your long-awaited vacation actually rolls around. Open up Wikipedia and start reading about the history and local culture of the place you’re visiting. Hit up insider guides such as Like a Local which give you a rich insight into the unique aspects of wherever you’re visiting. The more you learn about a place, the more you’ll want to just pack a suitcase and go there.


Sometimes the best way to get enthused about the future is to look towards the past. Crack open those old photo albums and dive deep into the memories of past holidays. Scroll through your saved photos on your phone and reminisce with your friends and family about your favourite travel experiences. Go all the way and post your very own #ThrowbackThursday pic on Instagram. You’ll quickly remember what it is that makes your vacations so special and you’ll already be booking the next one.

It’s a sad truth of modern living that sometimes it takes work to be able to enjoy the finer things in life. Try these fun activities to ensure you truly enjoy your next holiday trip.

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