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Having A Wedding in Michigan? – Why Hire the Best Grand Rapids DJ

Weddings are ceremonies of love which date back to the beginning of society. As most weddings have a religious background, these can also be considered as holy ceremonies. It celebrates the union between two individuals in sickness and in health, till death do they part. There are many kinds of weddings from different cultures and religions. Pagan weddings, also known as handfastings, are typically celebrated outside for their gods and goddesses to see. Traditional South East weddings, like the Chinese and Korean, have elaborate wedding ceremonies. They even have their own dresses and superstitions to follow. However, the most common weddings we see are the Western style weddings, also known as white weddings. Believed to have been popularized by Queen Victoria of Great Britain, the bride wears a white gown to symbolize purity and grace. There are other non-traditional wedding ceremonies like custom-themed ones. Some examples include a Star Wars or Lord of the Rings themed wedding, which look very cool. Others bring out their gamer side by having a Dungeons and Dragons wedding ceremony. In this modern world, anything is possible. Know more about the history of weddings by clicking here.

No matter what country you came from or the traditions you may follow, being united with one person for life is a cause for celebration. It is a once in a lifetime experience. No matter how many times you will get married in your life, you will always remember the first time. There is always this part of us who wants to have the dream wedding. Even if you live your life in disdain of anything related to “love”, there is always a part of you that likes it. It may be the idea of finding true love, or just the extravagance of it all. Couples from all around the world do their best in order for them to have the wedding of their lives. Theirfriends and family are also there to support them and make sure it is an enjoyable experience for everyone.

After the vows, exchange of rings and the kiss, it is time for the actual celebration. They typically consider weddings as solemn ceremonies which is why the reception is the wilder side. People want to eat, socialize, sing and dance for the festivities. Therefore, music is very important in every celebration. It provides the “life” of the party and playing the wrong song could destroy the perfect wedding. Unless it is time for a hard-disco track, there is no place for those types of songs in a wedding reception. Same thing goes with heavy metal or rock, unless that is the motif of the wedding. The music makes or breaks the entire celebration which is why it is very important to find the perfect playlist.

Sadly, not all of us are music enthusiasts. Your typical Spotify playlist or hot mixtape may not be right for the wedding reception. With all the hustle and bustle for even preparing the whole ordeal, finding the right tracks to play might take your precious time. YouTube can help you, but there are tracks you cannot even play. Music apps have those built in playlists for every occasion but have very few songs. To avoid these hassles, you can hire a professional disk jockey. You do not even need to find them on foot as some of them provide their own websites like in Michigan. Accessibility is the key to success in business, and these performers turn to it for easy advertisement.

You might still ask why you should hire a DJ. Comparing “DJ-ing” yourself versus hiring a professional, they have the:


Creating the right atmosphere for any celebration is something that is always forgotten by organizers. This decides whether or not the event will be boring. Music is one of the key players for creating a certain atmosphere or “feel” of anything. The beat of the drums or the rowdiness of the instruments adds a certain flair and evokes the emotion of people. Trained DJs know about this, and they take advantage of certain tracks to make the event into a success. It is not just about pop music as the right kind of music can be better. They know how to mix and organize a set playlist, which can even be personalized to your taste. Just remember that hiring a DJ will be useless if you are going to direct everything they do. Give them a little creative power and direction. Focus more on making your wedding glorious and memorable.


DJs can bring their own equipment to your party, which is usually far better than the hotel could provide. The best DJs use only equipment of the highest quality and better sound systems. This ensures you that there will be no malfunctions in the music system. DJ’s can also resolve issues in the event that a malfunction happens. Repairing the sound system and having a backup plan is what these professional DJs do, and it can give you peace of mind to focus on your day. Learn more about planning a wedding by clicking this link:


Lastly, professional DJs have years of experience in any kind of event. They already know what to expect and bring out the best sounds for your wedding. Most of them have extensive track listings and choices, and they know how to use it. They can bring out the best for your wedding day, and you can have one less worry to think about. Enjoy your day with your partner, and the music will just play for you.

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