Some Wedding Must Haves For Him

Organising a wedding is stressful no matter how or where you are planning to get married. As you all know by now we are going to New York and even though there is minimal organisation on our parts it is still quite stressful and I really wish we were flying this week so that we can just get it done already.

I am also finding that a wedding is mainly about the bride – there is so much more to be organised for me than Matthew (and rightly so in my opinion) but having said that I think that it’s also important to make sure the groom isn’t forgotten in all of the organising too.

Here are some of the things you might want to consider for your husband to be.

His Outfit

Now you may think that this is pretty straightforward but you would be wrong. So wrong in fact. It’s a minefield!! If you are the control freak of the occasion you may want to be with your other half whilst you decide what colours and style you want him to wear. If you’re not too bothered about what your groom is wearing on your big day then send him on his merry way to choose his outfit.


Will your other half even be wearing a pair of cufflinks on his big day? This all depends on the shirt he will be wearing. A couple of years ago Matthew was sent a pair of cufflinks with both of our initials on them and will be wearing those on our big day unless he finds a different pair that he prefers. There are so many different designs of cufflinks to choose from it could be quite a task – do you choose some that are personalised, quirky, classy or something completely different?

A Watch

If you are looking to buy your husband to be a special gift to remind him of your big day a personalised watch would be the perfect gift idea. You could have your names, date, time and/or your venue inscribed on it too to add an extra special note.


Now, this is a given that every groom just like his bride needs a good pair of shoes to get married in. If you are getting married in a church or a traditional venue you may want to keep his footwear choices traditional too. However, if you’re planning on a less traditional affair then your groom may go for something less traditional. One of my friends and her groom both wore matching trainers on their wedding day and another couple had all their groomsmen in the same style of trainers but in a different rainbow colour.

Are you getting married soon, if so what are you planning for your groom?

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*This is a collaborative post*

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