An Alternative To Gold – What You Need To Know About Tungsten Carbide Rings

Rings from various metals such as titanium, gold, or silver bands can get scratched easily. However, you can look the other way when it comes to tungsten rings. These rings are harder than steel and they are very scratch resistant. For more information about tungsten carbide rings, click this link here. Many men prefer tungsten carbide rings because they look masculine. They are also a great alternative for engagement or wedding rings because of their affordable price.

When it comes to terminology, the words tungsten carbide and tungsten are often seen as one. They are actually different in many cases. In the periodic table of elements, Tungsten has an atomic number of 74 and its symbol is W for Wolfram. This particular metal is very hard and it has the 8th ranking in the Mohs scale of metal hardness. On the other hand, a tungsten carbide is a combination or an alloy of nickel, niobium, tantalum, titanium, tungsten, and chromium. The alloy placed 9th in the Mohs scale of metal hardness. This makes it a harder ring material compared to regular tungsten.

Pros of Getting Tungsten Rings

There are several reasons why many people prefer tungsten from gold or silver rings. For one, they are extremely hard and do not bend easily. They have a great finish and they have very affordable prices. For people who want to “feel” their wedding bands, this metal is a great choice since they have heavier weights that can be compared to platinum. They also come in classic colours such as black, grey, and white.

Cons of Getting Tungsten Rings

Although these rings have many pros, some of the cons are the following: Tungsten, due to their hard nature and high ranking in the Mohs scale, cannot easily be resized. You can know more information about Mohs scale here: It is advisable to get an expert jeweller to measure your hands so that they can come up with a ring that can fit you for years. These rings do not bend. Instead, they break if enough force is applied. People who have allergies should seek expert advice before wearing anything that has nickel on it.

A common misconception many people have with these rings is that, during an emergency, these bands are stuck in the hands of the wearer and they can’t easily be removed. This myth is contradicted by jewellers and doctors because the rings will just break if they are forced.

What to Look for in Tungsten Carbide Rings

Because of their resilience and polished look, these rings have gained much popularity. These types of bands have a lot of retailers and it is important to know which one of them are selling high-quality rings. All rings are not created equal and this statement also applies to all tungsten carbide rings. Here are some of the things that you need to look out for when it comes to tungsten rings.

1. Look for Content, Comfort, and Craftsmanship

It is better to check the ring personally online. However, if you are looking for a ring online, you should check if the description matches the actual thing. You can do this by doing some online research and reading feedback from other previous clients.

The comfort can be measured by the width, weight and the thickness of the ring. Quality rings should measure about 1.8mm – 2.0 mm maximum in thickness. This depends on your size and it is advisable to get an expert opinion before buying the right ring. A comfortable ring should not also have sharp edges.

2. Ring Contents

With regards to ring content, the ideal pure tungsten content should be 85%. A good seller should keep you informed about the percentage of other metals contained in the ring. This is to avoid nickel allergies and breaking in the long run. Just like gold wedding bands that almost never reach 24-karat or 100% pure gold because it will be too soft, tungsten is the same. A great retailer should let you know all about these and answer your questions without hesitation.

There are various stores where you can find good-quality tungsten rings. A lot of these rings undergo intense labour and machinery in order to have distinctive designs. With these bands, you can make sure that they will last a very long time.


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