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Recreational Fishing and Fishing Gear Reviews

The primitive humans’ goals were very simple: sleep when tired, drink when thirsty and eat when hungry. They were too preoccupied with the physiological needs and reasoning was not fully developed yet. The most common way of living before was a nomadic one, and this meant hunting was the only for them to eat. Hunting land prey was very common, especially in landlocked areas. However, you may notice that most civilizations started near water sources like rivers and lakes. These bodies of water did not just provide replenishment for the humans, it also became a gateway for the development of agriculture. Humans discovered that staying in one area and developing vegetation is an easier way of life compared to being nomads. Thus, small villages were born which led to the bigger cities and countries we have today. Food became a way for humans to grow past their old selves. Unwittingly, the very thing that made us “animal” also helped us in becoming human.

Aside from agriculture, being near bodies of water also opened the doors for another type of prey: fish and other aquatic creatures. The land animals can leap and run through distances, but the fish is contained in its body of water. Arguably, fishing is a much easier alternative compared to the good oldfashioned hunting. Aside from this, consuming fish (Read more here: also added nutrients which you could not find in the land. When further civilizations developed, the way of fishing became a livelihood for many people. Coastal areas became places of economic prosperity. For a long time, ships were also considered as the only way for crossing oceans. The once single act of catching fish became a solid business and focused more on hauling more fish. Even until today, there are many companies which started in the fishing industry. You may have heard of canning businesses that started from it. These are the common ways people consume fish today.

The act of fishing also became a recreation for many people. In the earlier years, only the aristocrats do it for fun. The lower class usually fish for survival. In Great Britain, recreational fishing became an important part of the English Civil War. Many modern techniques were developed during that time, and books were written just for fishing. After many years, even fishing clubs were born due to the appeal of the activity. Eventually, even the lower class caught on the idea of fishing as a recreational activity. The richer fishers ventured to other countries like Norway for their fishing escapades. In the modern practice, it is not even necessary to keep and eat the caught fish. Some of the recreational fishers just take a picture with their catch and release it back to the wild. Click here to learn more about the history of fishing.

There are many ways people catch fish. In the earlier years, hand fishing and spearfishing was more dominant. Netting and trapping became the go-to way of commercial fishing. It is not just about the technique though, as many of the fishermen study the patterns of fish for years. They learn of the many ways you can bait the fish and their migration habits as well. It is such an intricate balance between art and science, as there is no one way of fishing. Thousands of fishermen used the trial and error method for their ways, and even developed their own superstitions. Until now, some of these beliefs are passed on from generation to generation.

For recreational fishing, tackle is mainly used as the way. This term encompasses every equipment for fishing: the hook, line and sinker among others. It would also help if other professional fishers can pitch in what they think is the best equipment. In this modern era, the internet provides many ways you can obtain fishing gears but it would be wise to read some fishing tackle and gear reviews before considering one.

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However, why would you want to fish for recreation?

Relaxing experience

Imagine being out in the wild, having no care in the world and waiting for the fish to get fooled by your bait. The big part of recreational fishing lies on the experience. Recreational fishers want to fish not just for the food, but for the time it takes to fish. As most of us are living in a fast-paced world, taking a step back and letting nature take its course is a very relaxing experience. Also, having a close friend or family member to talk to while waiting for your next catch can help ease the boredom that you might feel.

Food and fun at the same time

Fishing is not just for relaxation but for nutrition as well. The thrill of catching a fish after a long period of time is a heady feeling. You also get the bonus of having a free lunch or dinner.

Starting a campfire and grilling a freshly caught fish is all worth the effort.

Helping on a macro level

On a larger scale, recreational fishing can help the environment and economy. In the modern era, recreational fishing is very open to everyone. Women and children can participate in this activity and are even encouraged to do so. As recreational fishing does not always mean the consumption of fish, it also helps in preserving marine wildlife. Tourism also benefits from recreational fishing (read more) as people from all around the world travel to the most exotic of places just to find the rarest fish. This became a sport and their catch is usually released back to its habitat.

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