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Designing a Family-friendly Bathroom – 8 Top Tips

If your family is anything like mine, you will surely sympathise when I say that bath time is often far from relaxing. In fact, anything bathroom-related (which, let’s face it, should be a place of peaceful tranquillity and quiet reflection) often leads to frustration. Whether I’m asking the boys to go and brush their teeth for the umpteenth time or finding the toilet seat in an upright position (a losing battle in a house full of boys!), there is always something that causes friction.

Whilst most bathrooms these days seem to be designed with spa hotels in mind, there are plenty of family-friendly bathroom suites available if you search hard enough, which can help alleviate some of the stress and strain of sharing a bathroom.

If you’re looking for a new bathroom to share with your little ones, partner and pets(!), I’ve come up with 8 top tips which will help you create a family-friendly space.

Choose a soft close toilet seat

If you cast your mind back to your childhood, you may have painful memories of your old toilet seat which would drop with a clatter, waking the whole house up. Trapped fingers were a common hazard. Thankfully, most toilets these days come with a soft closing seat, which gently returns to a horizontal position without any of the noise or risk.

Thermostatic showering for safety

Another thing I remember as a child was the old manual shower which would suddenly shock me with an icy blast when someone turned a tap on elsewhere in the house. These days, thermostatic showers are much more common, regulating the temperature to perfection. Also, with anti-scald safety devices, you don’t need to worry about the kids using it.

A wall hung basin at a comfortable height

For families with young children, a wall hung basin may be a better choice than a pedestal basin. Pedestal basins cannot be height-adjusted, whereas wall hung basins could be installed a little lower so your little ones can reach it. Just be careful that they don’t sit on or climb onto a wall hung basin and ensure your wall is strong enough to support one.

A folding shower screen for easy access

One tip I picked up from a fellow parent was the difference a folding shower screen made to bath time with his children. Like many of us, he only has space for a multi-functional shower bath and found that his old, fixed shower screen made bathing and washing his children difficult. The answer was a folding shower screen which concertinas back to the wall. Problem solved!

Height-adjustable slider rail shower

And speaking of showers, one thing that is really worth its weight in gold in a family bathroom is a slider rail shower. If you don’t know what I mean, picture a rail fixed vertically to your wall with a bracket attached, designed to slide up and down that rail. Your shower handset and hose fits into this bracket and can be detached when necessary. As my partner, children and I are all different heights, we can get the angle and height of the shower head just right.

Store medication safely If you are looking for family-friendly bathroom ideas and have medication, ointments or generally hazardous items which you need to keep in the bathroom, a mirror cabinet set at a height that is away from little hands is the best option. Better still, purchase a lockable cabinet for added peace of mind.

Ensure blind cords are secured at a safe height

If you have a roller blind in your bathroom, it is vital that the cord is secured at a height of 1.5 metres or above. It should not hang any lower. This is to help avoid accidental strangulation.

Warm, fluffy towels

One final way to ensure we all enjoy our family-friendly bathroom is to invest in a good quality heated towel rail and some nice big fluffy towels. Let your children pick out their favourite colours for a rainbow-infused bath time!

How have you designed your bathroom to be family-friendly? Why not share your own tips in the comments below?


*This is a collaborative post*

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