What Are The Most Popular Interior Design Styles In The UK?

We all have our favourite interior design styles that we go to when we are decorating our property. After all, there are so many different styles around that can help your home look amazing such as traditional and rustic. However, if you are looking for something a bit different, you might want to have a look at what’s currently trending. You might get some inspiration for on-trend styles that might look beautiful in your property. That way, you can follow trend with other interior stylists in the UK. Therefore, if you want to know what are the most popular interior design styles in the UK, here are a few which make the pile.


You might be surprised to know that earth and nature is very on-trend at the moment. While plants have been a key player for some time, botanical has really come into its own in the UK. Everyone is decorating their home in this style as it’s modern and gives their house a fresh look. It’s easy to incorporate plants into your styling. For starters, you can find many indoor plants you can place in the room as a feature piece. Even if you are not good at gardening, you can go for an artificial plant which will still add some of that on-trend style to your living room. Go for different shapes and styles of plant pots to really transform the rooms in your home. And don’t forget to spread them around sparingly in your home. For instance, placing one on the window sill and then in a bookshelf will really give a subtle botanical feel. And you can even use paint and wallpaper to give a touch of botanical style. For instance, you can go for a green paint or a floral wallpaper or even opt for some floral pictures which will add some botanical style to your walls. And you can also go for botanical style furniture. For example, some floral patterned chairs from a company like Sloane and Sons Tub Chairs will add to your botanical style.


Another style which is bang-on-trend at the moment in the UK is minimalist. People love this modern style which is very simple and clean. It’s been around for a while but has really grown in popularity with stylish homeowners. You can easily create a minimalist look in your house which will wow guests and impress future homeowners when you come to sell. After all, they like the house to be styled in a simple design which they can put their own spin on. You need to firstly go for a neutral colour when it comes to the wall. Choose a cream or a white which will give the room a minimalist feel. You can always add a pop of colour when it comes to accents which you can add after styling the room. But going for a neutral colour will bring a minimalist style to the room. You also need to add items sparingly in the room. As this article from Fruition Design reveals, you need to get the storage right to give an uncluttered feel which is at the heart of the minimalist trend. Therefore, only have items you really need out on display and the rest should go in storage facilities in your property.

a look through an apartment all the walls are painted white and there is a wooden table and chairs at the end


We all love a bit of nostalgia in our lives. After all, it’s a great way to reminisce and look back at what used to be popular. Therefore, it’s no wonder the retro style is bang-on-trend in the UK when it comes to interior design. Surprisingly, according to this article by House Beautiful, London have really embraced the style to heart and it’s the most popular trend in the capital. It’s easy to add some retro design to your property. You just need to choose an era which you love and then look for statement pieces which will really take the theme to heart. For example, you might want to go for some kind of sideboard which has a 60’s feel. Or you could even go for an old-school telephone or a floral pot from the 70’s which will embrace the trend. And don’t forget to wallpaper in a retro style too. Go for a bright pattern which will not only transform the room but will definitely give off a retro feel. And paint in a bright colour will instantly add a touch of retro style to your house too.


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