Best Bridal Beauty Prep and Skin Care Routine

You’ve had the fun of being engaged, but now the day of the wedding has come and the last accessory you want on show on your big day is bad skin. Let’s face it, weddings are stressful, there’s a lot of planning and effort that goes into just a few hours. The pressure to organise an amazing day can induce stress in even the most zen bride. With stress comes bad skin, so it seems unavoidable, but is it? Check out these tips on bridal beauty prep perfect for every bride-to-be.

6 months before the wedding

Fail to prepare then prepare to fail: Weddings are usually booked at least a year in advance. As well as all the other preparations, you should give your skin just as long to prepare. This is especially important if you have any treatments you wish to have before your big day. Many people choose to have treatments to alleviate their insecurities, so they can walk down the aisle without worry. For example, acne scar removal treatments can be great for reducing the visibility of scarring from previous bouts with acne.

Although acne scar removal treatments are fast and effective, they can take up to 24 hours for the redness to reduce. If you are planning to have any form of therapy check the recovery time to ensure you won’t be left red-faced at the altar.

Shine bright like a diamond: No bride is complete without a beautiful, gleaming smile. Unfortunately, teeth are rarely pearly white; almost everything you eat and drink work to dull your teeth’s natural colour. While you may have a beautiful smile, teeth whitening can be a great way to give yourself that extra glow.

Like all good things, teeth whitening can take time as you need to gradually build your shade up until you reach your desired tone. Dental professionals advise that it can take up to 6 months before your teeth reach the shade of white you wish.

Avoid a tan disaster: No one wants to look pale, especially not on their wedding day. You have two options: jet off for an engagement-moon or apply some false tan. Weddings are already expensive, so adding a holiday to the bill is a little unnecessary. That said, fake tan can be a minefield. This is why you have trial runs, try a few shades out and ensure you know what you want on the big day.

This way you’ll be well-versed in the technique as well as which products to choose.

Throughout the planning

Relax, don’t do it: The most critical step to flawless skin is relaxation. As mentioned earlier, stress can have an adverse effect on your skin. Karen Mallin describes perfectly how stress affects your skin:

“The mind and skin are connected on many different levels. A lot of nerve endings are connected to the skin, which wraps around the organs, so as emotions are played out neurologically, they can be expressed through the skin just as stress can be expressed through gastrointestinal symptoms, increased anxiety, or hypertension”.

Stress also releases a chemical called Cortisol. Cortisol increases oil production in your skin, which is the primary cause for an outbreak of spots. There are plenty of ways to stay calm and relax. Firstly, try and find time to connect with yourself and simply relax. Once you’ve mastered this, you can move onto some more experienced techniques. Why not try yoga? It’s proven to be great for relaxation as well as helping you to slim down.

The day of/day before

Breakfast: Make sure you eat a good breakfast, as the last thing needed is feeling unwell or having no energy. It’s going to be a long day, so setting yourself up with the right fuel is essential.

Haircare: Before you get your hair done on the day it’s crucial to make sure your hair is clean and ready to be styled. Get to the salon the day before for a trim, you’re not going to want to see split ends in your wedding photos!

Nails: Not for everyone, but getting your nails done the day before is an important step in bridal prep. Wedding photographers often focus on hands, especially with the addition of wedding bands! You don’t have to get 9-inch acrylics put on, just getting a manicure to tidy up your nails is super effective.

Skincare: Cleanse your skin the night before so it is primed and ready for your makeup the day of. A skincare mask is a great way to relax the night before as well as helping to rejuvenate your skin. Drinking plenty of water is a skincare must, it ensures your skin will remain hydrated and prevent it from drying out.

Pucker-up: Make your first smooch of married life a memorable one, but not for the wrong reasons! Taking good care of your lips is often left to the bottom of the skincare pile, but it is just as important. Remember to apply a quality balm to keep your lips nice and soft ready for the big kiss.

Savour the moment

Lastly, and most importantly, enjoy the build-up! You may not believe me now, but you will miss the months of planning once its all over.

*This is a collaborative post*

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