A Proper Shindig! Planning Your Post-Elopement Party

As tempting as it is to hold a simple party, if you plan on eloping in the near future, this might say a lot about how much or how little attention you really want. But remember, if you’re going to another country to get married, and people aren’t able to come, or you’ve just not told them, it’s important to have a party back home for everyone that either wishes they were there, or purely because they care about you. As such, it’s worth making your post-elopement party a proper shindig! Let’s give you our food for thought on the matter…

You Can Really Splash Out!

A lot of people decide to elope because they cannot afford a proper wedding with all of the trimmings. So instead, you can at least look at what you’ve got in terms of budget and put it towards a massive party, which will be much cheaper! You could put the money behind the bar so everybody can have three drinks, and turn it into an all-day affair. Remember, when it comes to food, especially if you’re looking for a low-key party setup, but you can look at companies that provide hog roasts, which means that you don’t have to worry about the catering at all. There are also numerous sandwich platters you can pick up from the vast majority of supermarkets anyway! So if you are looking to cut costs in terms of food, you can use the remaining budget to really splash out on the things that matter. Whether this is booze, entertainment, or just something a little bit more on the quirky side, why don’t you go for it? After all, we intend on doing this once, right? There are plenty of photo booths for parties that give you the opportunity to create some proper memories of the day, and that way, your relatives won’t feel completely left out, or even hurt that you went abroad to get married!

You Might Want To Consider A Little Ceremony

Yes, you’ve been away to escape all of this, but for those great aunties that couldn’t make it, they want to see you exchange some sort of vows. And yes, it might not be your style, but for those people that really want to wish you well, and have spent time and effort to come to this party, it’s worth paying lip service to this at least. Ultimately, it’s a party. And if you want to have the focus on it being a proper gathering for everyone that you love, then all you need is a quick 5-minute service to make sure that the long lost relatives have a picture of you doing this. And yes, while you might think that it’s your big day, so you can do what you want, it’s always worth having it in the back of your mind that you should keep a couple of those relatives relatively sweet. Have a quick ceremony, just for the greater good, and then you can get on with what you really want to do!

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