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Six Tips to Setting Up Your Dream Makeup Vanity

If you’re a glamour gal, who adores the ritual of applying her makeup and perfume every morning, before starting the day, then you need a beautiful makeup vanity.

Getting out everything you need for your beauty routine can be a bit of a hassle and take up time, especially when you’re in a rush, so setting up a dream makeup vanity with all your products perfectly displayed and ready for use, along with a few personal touches to make it your own, is just what you deserve!

In this article, we’ll share six tips to help you set up your dream makeup vanity.

First, the mirror

You can’t have a makeup vanity without a decent mirror! You need to be able to see yourself perfectly so you can expertly apply that sexy cat eye or see what you’re doing when you drench your skin in your luxurious facial oils.

A large rectangular mirror works best and if you’re able to get one with lights around it, even better!

Not only does it lend a classic Hollywood glam appeal, the lighting is also wonderful for applying your makeup.

Lighting is everything

Good lighting is key, in fact, incorrect lighting can cause you to apply too much makeup and you’ll only notice once you’re in natural light, which is not ideal, especially if you’re headed to a social gathering.

Natural light works best, but this option isn’t always available, so in this case, you want a light that is directed right at your face, not overhead lighting or lighting from above or below.

Try and get your hands on bright LED lights or natural daylight bulbs for the best results.

Get your products in order

Next, you want to arrange your products so that they are neat and organized, yet you know exactly where everything is.

Keep your brushes in cute jars and invest in good makeup storage to keep things tidy and convenient.  Don’t forget to keep some cotton balls, q-tips and makeup remover on your vanity too so you can easily fix up any mistakes and make quick touch-ups as you need.

Also, a vanity can be a wonderful place to store a luxurious facial serum or moisturizer to be worn under your daily makeup.

Keep it clean

Of course, you always want your vanity to look beautiful, so keep some tissues and clean up wipes close by so you can wipe it down after each use.

We recommend cleaning your vanity top and mirror after each use, your brushes at least once a week and to clean out your makeup storage every few weeks so you can throw away any old or unused products.

Make it comfy

You want to feel comfortable when you’re at your vanity so invest in a comfy chair that will allow you to sit while you indulge your skin and apply your makeup. Get creative and choose a fun design that perfectly matches your personality or spruce it up with a pretty cushion.

Make it your own

Last, but not least, you want to add a few personal touches to completely make it your own. Keep a jar of your favourite flowers on your vanity and a few photo frames with those nearest and dearest to your heart, even if it’s your beloved pet! Anything that reflects your unique and beautiful personality!

*This is a collaborative post*

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