A real Christmas tree in the garden

What To Consider When Buying A Real Christmas Tree

I love Christmas – you know the meme’s on Facebook where Elf is bouncing up and down all excited – that is me. I love EVERYTHING the season has to offer and decorating the house is just one of my favourite parts especially my tree. I’ve never had a real Christmas tree that was until this year.

Last weekend we received the most beautiful real Christmas tree from Christmas Tree Forest. It was 6ft and a luscious green colour, the quality of the tree really was superb. I couldn’t wait to get it the house and decorate it. It really was beautiful and it smelt amazing.

But we had something of a problem… the tree was too big for our front room and no matter what way we tried it just wouldn’t fit – we moved the sofas, the TV and even considered moving the bookcase and fish tank. There was only one way we could still make use of the tree without cutting it (which would have been a shame and make it lose it’s shape) and that was to put it in the garden and decorate it out there instead – it looks amazing don’t you think?

a real Christmas tree lit up in the dark

I thought it might be a good idea to give you some tips if like us you’ve never had a real tree before so you don’t end up like us and in a real muddle.

  • Measure the space where your tree will go – this is rule number one. Do not underestimate how big and bushy a real tree is or else you will definitely end up like us with a tree far too big for the space it was intended.
  • Go choose your tree if you can – you can buy your tree online and have it delivered which is great for convenience but if you can you really should go and pick your tree that way you can see how tall it will be and get a rough idea of how wide it will be once all the branches have dropped properly.

It’s also worth remembering that a real tree will need to be prepared and well looked after – make sure it is sat in a base that can hold water as your tree will be really thirsty and will take on a lot of water. You need to ensure there is always water in the base so that it doesn’t dry out as the needles will drop off like there’s no tomorrow. Make sure your tree is away from heat sources as they will dry it out quicker too.

I hope the above will help you in keeping your real tree at it’s best this Christmas and hopefully next year we can have a real tree that fits inside… I will certainly be making sure I measure my space properly.

Are you planning to have a real tree this Christmas?


*We were sent the featured tree for the purpose of this post – all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own*

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