A Little Rant of Sorts…. Everyone Seems To Have An Opinion When It Comes To Us Getting Married…

It seems everyone has an opinion. The minute we mention to some of our family members that we are finally going to start planning our wedding day they all seem to want to plan the day for us – either that or they have to voice their concern about our choice of venue, theme, colours, guests and everything else that comes with it and I am fed up of hearing well so and so won’t come if so and so comes and oh you can’t sit them with them! Seriously when was this ever up for discussion? I don’t ever remember saying that they had a choice about anything other than if they’ll be joining us for the day and what they’d like to eat if we decide on a sit-down meal – the rest is up to us.

We have narrowed our choices down to a couple of possibilities after our first choice, Cuba is out of the question (unless I win the lottery between now and the big day). We love the idea of jumping on a plane and getting married in New York just the two of us in a 5-minute ceremony and not even telling anyone until after we’ve done it but I really don’t think that would go down well with any of our family. Another idea is just having close family and friends in a ceremony up at Gretna Green and then a big party when we come home for everyone else. As our families are too big there is no way we can accommodate (or pay for) everyone to be at our actual ceremony and for a sit down meal after – There are 50 of us cousins in my family and 9 aunts and uncles and almost all of those have families of their own add in Matthew’s family and our friends you are talking a huge amount of people even if we just cut it down to the family and friends we see regularly we’re probably taking 100 – 150 people which is still quite a big amount of people to try to organise and a lot of people who would be disappointed to not be invited so the one thing we have both agreed on is that our reception will just be in a function room at a local pub or social club (this is where my friends do get to work their magic as they are events organisers).

But it’s not that we’ve huge families to consider that is stalling our plans well it is but it’s not if you know what I mean its the interfering from others. I don’t want to upset anyone but they really do need to know when to back off and just let us decide for ourselves. I just feel like shouting “WE ARE GROWN UPS!!!” we are more than capable of deciding what we want and what is best for us. You had your wedding day and this is our something that we as a couple will decide on and no one else, either come or don’t the choice is yours.

So when we finally decide on what we want to do just know this is will be because it’s what we want not what anyone else wanted us to do and if that upsets some people then so be it I am so done trying to please the world and his mother.

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